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Here’s a confession: Every parent struggles to keep the house in order daily. Kids, as precious as they are, tend to leave a trail of mess everywhere they go and as a result, parents are more inclined to steer visitors away from their sweet, messy abode. Keeping a house clean is less about the time involved and more about creating some good habits that you follow instinctively. Here are ten simple habits to keep a presentable and clean house.


1. Instill a no-shoes policy

Most of the germs and dirt in your home is mostly dragged in by dirty shoes. Take a trip to a shopping mall and purchase different sized in-door shoes. This way, you can ask your family members and guests to take their shoes off when they enter the house. It might be weird at first, but you won’t need to sweep, mop, or vacuum as much anymore!

2. Clean the house room by room

clean house room by room

Having to do a thorough cleaning every week can be exhausting and quite frankly, annoying. Instead of waiting until the entire house gets out of order, why not clean room by room? Allocate 20 minutes to a room daily and give it a thorough cleaning. Start with the office on day one, proceed to the living room on day two, and so forth. Your house will always be presentable even when those unannounced visitors come knocking. Plus, cleaning room by room makes the process easier and faster.


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 3. De-clutter for a clean house as you go

Try to pick things up and put them away every time you walk into a room. Within no time, it’ll become a reflex habit. Instead of ignoring a dirty plate lying around, why not pick it up on your way to the kitchen; pick those dirty clothes off the floor and dump them into your laundry basket; or dispose of that half-eaten pizza when you are in the kitchen. Continuous cleaning up of clutter will prevent it from piling up.

4. Shop smart

clean house supplies

Next time you go shopping, look out for cleaning products that will be helpful to you. For example; instead of purchasing an ordinary cleaner; why not buy a no-wipe cleaner and save yourself the hustle of wiping down the counters after spraying? Additionally, stock up on disinfectant wipes and place them all over your home. Have a packet ready for wiping your dining table, one for kitchen counters, and others for wiping your sinks. This little maintenance trick will keep you from having to spend too much time doing a deep clean.


5. Invest in hidden storage space

Instead of purchasing an ordinary pouf/ ottoman for your living room, select one that has deep storage space to dump items in. Purchase a sizeable beautiful trunk for your bedroom to store larger items in. Fill the spaces up with kids’ toys, extra blankets, etc. This trick will give you a tidy and clean house as opposed to having clutter lying in plain view.

6. Keep cleaning supplies in close proximities

clean house

Some people store all their cleaning supplies in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. For most of us, the kitchen might seem “too far” when you want to clean your bathroom sink–and many of us have used this as an excuse not to clean. Place your bathroom cleaning supplies in your bathroom, kitchen cleaning supplies in the kitchen and so forth. This will allow you to have easy access to what you need when you need it.

7. Use liners to prevent mess and encourage a clean house

Use liners as much as you can. For example; place tin foil underneath your sandwich grill when cooking, in your baking trays while baking, etc. Put carrier bags in waste paper baskets and even purchase plastic liners for your fridge shelves. When they get dirty, all you’ll need to do is merely throw these liners away and replace with new ones – and Voila! Your home will look fresh and presentable within a matter of mere seconds.

8. Learn to multi-task

Instead of waiting around for the microwave timer to ding, look for something to clean. Here’s a good trick for a clean house. If you look around, you’ll see just how many small cleaning tasks can be tacked in less than 3 minutes. Take a wipe and clean the counter or fetch the broom and sweep the kitchen floors as you wait for your food to heat up.

9. Make the bed for a clean house look

Each morning, instead of leaving your bed cover and pillows lying all over the place, neatly make your bed. This can make all the difference in how tidy your bedroom looks. Purchase bed sheets that are mattress fitted and simplify your bedding as much as possible – e.g., two throw pillows are enough; too many and arranging them each morning will become a daunting task.

10. Prioritize a clean house

Have a list of things that “must be done today,” “should be done today,” and “hoping to get done today.” Everything on the first list to have a clean house has to be done before the end of the day. Afterward, try to tackle a few tasks from the “should be done” today. If you don’t tick all of them off, push them onto the “must be done” list for the following day and so forth. This will help you stay organized and focused.

Final Thoughts

A clean and presentable home takes determination. However, once you program yourself to undertake simple tasks daily, the job will not seem as impossible anymore. Do you have cleaning hacks you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear from you so leave us your comments below.