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Easter has often taken a backseat to holidays like Christmas or Halloween, but it can still be a great time of year to spend some time with your family and have fun. The egg hunt challenge that our generation enjoyed as kids is still adored by children to this day, so if you want to make this year special for your little ones then check out these top 10 tips to make your Easter egg hunt a blast.

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Creative Hiding Spots

You don’t want to be too obscure when hiding your eggs, but you do want to put them in interesting spots. It’s important for the eggs to be in locations that are accessible to children but are still surprising. Using both the indoors and outdoors is great for this, because your kids will get the sense that the eggs could be hiding literally anywhere. It’s great to see then looking in the strangest places that you would never have even thought of placing them in. A couple of ideas are in an egg carton in the fridge or behind a gnome/ornament in the garden or lawn.

Make the Game Last Longer

One common issue with many egg hunts is that they simply end too soon. This is usually either because the eggs were too easily hidden or there weren’t enough of them in the first place. Keep both of these things in mind as kids love to play games that last for as long as possible.

Mix Up Your Prizes

Chocolate and candy are no doubt the stars of the show as far as prizes are concerned. However, all parents have to be mindful about giving kids too much sugar. Toys with an Easter theme are a great way to keep the kids guessing about what they’ll find next.

Have a Warm-up Exercise

Events that begin before the actual hunt are an excellent way to build up suspense and excitement. It can be anything from decorating baskets to telling a story about the Easter Bunny coming to town and laying eggs around the neighborhood. A tale like this will make egg hunting even more special and magical for your kids.

Decorate Your Eggs

Getting creative with designs will make finding eggs even more exciting for your kids. Using a variety of colors, images or even written and attached messages can help make the Easter egg hunt feel more special. You can help your kids come up with ideas when they’re decorating the eggs to make each egg colorful and unique. In addition to coloring, you can use glue and glitter or confetti to make your eggs really stand out. Decorating the eggs is half of the fun for kids, so let their imaginations run wild.

Include Egg Related Games

While the egg hunt is probably going to be the main attraction, a variety of games that happen before or even after can spice things up. You can do games like hide and seek, charades, twister, or Simon says to get them warmed up and having fun.

Set the Rules

Having a few rules will make the event seem official and important. It’ll keep kids away from potentially dangerous or filthy areas of your house or property, and can benefit the adults as well by keeping the kids in line. Being allowed to eat their chocolate only after the hunt is over is also a great way to keep things organized.

Add Some Props

Kids love playing with toys on any day of the week, and Easter is no exception. Baskets do a good job of making the egg hunt feel special but you don’t have to stop there. Anything from toy telescopes or magnifying glasses will get kids in a detective mood. Costumes are another great way to get kids more involved in the holiday.

Keep Age and Size in Mind

When hiding your eggs, you should be mindful of the ages of the kids who will be participating. The key is to make hiding spots not too easy but also not too hard for their age. Also, be sure to take advantage of the size of the eggs. Smaller ones can be tucked into places that large sized ones can’t fit in.

End Your Hunt with a Story

Depending on what time it is when your Easter event ends, it could be a great idea to gather everyone around for a story. Anything related to the Great Easter Bunny or another relevant tale like Peter Rabbit would be very fitting. You could also plan it so that this is the time when everyone gets to eat their candy together. Lots of sugar can make kids hyperactive so slowing down the pace can help keep everything nicely organized.

We hope we have prepared you for the best Easter Egg Hunt ever!

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Happy Easter Everyone!