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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Black Friday shopping will soon be upon us, but now is a better time than ever to start planning and deal spotting for the season.

The official date for Black Friday this season will be Friday, November 29th, but this doesn’t mean that the event only takes place on the 29th. Ads and deals start popping up a week or so before retailers open their doors for their official Black Friday shopping, and many of these deals can be found online throughout the weekend following, into Cyber Monday.

So while you may not be the type to sit outside the doors of your favorite retailer at 11:59pm in anticipation, you can still (very easily) enjoy all the deals that retailers offer!

We’ve compiled the best deals for every category, and where you should look to do your shopping for each:

Major Kitchen and Home Appliances – Home Depot

The Home Depot has incredible deals this Black Friday for any major appliances you may need to be replacing or upgrading for 2020. With up to 40% off, you can find great savings for some of these awesome items:

Home Depot is even offering free delivery on any appliance purchases of $396 or more. If this is the year you need to replace some of those older appliances, you’re in luck because the savings are massive!

Black Friday Electronics – Wal-Mart

While it can be argued that Wal-Mart is the best location to shop at for all of its deals, we think that their Electronics deals are the most enticing. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your hardware for the new year, or looking to score an awesome Christmas present for someone special, Wal-Mart is where you’ll want to look. Here are just a few of the items you’ll be able to score major deals on when shopping at Wal-Mart for Black Friday this year:

Smaller Kitchen Appliances – Target

While not everyone will be looking to score a new refrigerator or television this year, many will assuredly be looking for additions to the kitchen that make life just a bit easier. With kitchen appliances becoming more advanced and unique over the years, it could be time for you to look for an upgrade to some of these hot items:

If you’re hosting for Christmas this year, you’ll want to be able to pull out all the stops with your new kitchen gadgets!

Travel Deals – Booking.com

Not all may see the benefit of purchasing products and appliances during the holidays. If you’d rather put your money towards a well-needed vacation in 2020, consider checking out some of the great travel offers from Booking.com. You’ll find discounts this Black Friday on travel necessities, such as Hotels, Car Rentals, Tours and more.

Go wheels up this Black Friday and book your stay at that long-time destination you’ve always dreamed of visiting.

Here are some other awesome offers to check out if you’re looking for the perfect holiday gifts:

Educational Children’s Toys – Kiwi Co

Kiwi Co offers “crates” that include problem-solving and challenging activities for children across different age ranges. They strive to help push innovation in children, while teaching important core subjects, such as science, art, geography, crafting, discovery and more. They’re also offering a Black Friday Early Access deal, making the subscription $13.33/month when purchasing 3+ months. Kiwi Co would be a great subscription gift for your child or for any parents who are looking to educate their children through play and creativity.

Black Friday Meal Subscription Service – Freshly

Freshly is a meal subscription service that offers pre-made meals that are both fresh and organic. Users choose their meals on a week to week basis through a subscription. Freshly then has chefs produce and cook the meal, after which the meals are shipped to your house. Meals are balanced, fresh and are packed with protein. This is a great service for any busy individuals who lack the time to cook on a regular schedule, and Freshly is offering $60 off your first week.

Black Friday Holiday Gift Baskets – GourmetGiftBaskets.com

If you’re looking for a special holiday gift for someone you care about, but not sure how to make it meaningful, check out these wonderful gift baskets offered from GourmetGiftBaskets.com. Their baskets range from Christmas themed with holiday treats and red wine, to breakfast and fruit baskets for the foodies in your life. These baskets work for all occasions, and are a simple way to let someone know how important they are to you this holiday season.

Black Friday For Your Best Buddy – BarkBox

They may not understand all the twinkling lights and wrapped presents, but that doesn’t mean your furry friend shouldn’t be spoiled for the holiday season too! BarkBox offers a monthly subscription of an assortment of dog treats, toys and more. All treats are sourced and made within the US, and your first box ships immediately, just in time for the holidays!

Now is the time to start preparing for your 2019 Black Friday shopping! Get out there and start bargain hunting for the holidays!

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