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10 Most Helpful Tips for Traveling with Kids!

traveling with kids best tips to follow

Traveling with kids is always worth planning for. Even if the traveling season is not back in full swing just yet, we’re counting down the days until it is. And some of us are already planning for it!

Tips for Traveling with Kids

When traveling, it may be a full car with no one to take you and the family to the airport. Oftentimes, that means you will have to search for airport parking. Parking can add up and you’ll want to secure your reservation ahead of time. Booking a flight can get expensive, too.

Sometimes, you want to get away for a long time, especially if you’re on a long-haul trip. When that happens, Extended Stay America helps you find comfortable hotels for your trip. Even better, kids can stay free during the trip!

If you plan to fly or take a road trip with your baby, you’d better buckle up, gather your strength, and get prepared for the long ride ahead. Though you can’t control everything that happens at the airport, or in-flight, there are a few things you can do to make the travel day more relaxed.  

1. Make a Checklist

travel tips with kids - making a checklist

If you want some peace of mind, don’t ever pack your carry-on bag without a checklist. 

  • Diapers and wipes – You need to have enough diapers and wipes for travel time plus extra. If you’re in a time crunch, Albee Baby delivers everything baby, from diapers and baby gear to maternity wear. When traveling with kids, essentials like diapers, wipes, and tissues are non-negotiable. Opting for eco-friendly options like Who Gives a Crap enhances our journey, aligning seamlessly with our mindful parenting practices. It ensures both convenience and responsibility, allowing us to travel sustainably with our little ones.
  • Change of clothes – Babies and toddlers are messy. Always have a couple changes of clothes for you and your kids at hand. If you’re shopping for new ones, check out Janie and Jack for awesome baby clothes. In particular, we highly recommend this ruffle sleeve top for girls.
  • Two or three blanketsThey are great for naps. They’re also great for keeping your child warm, as a nursing cover-up, and for keeping your clothes shielded from spit-ups.
  • Breast pump – Make sure your breast pump is 220v compatible in case you are traveling to Asia, Europe, etc.
  • A baby carrier or a sling
  • Bottles and formula if you are bottle-feeding, and don’t forget the bottle cleaner and brush.
  • Pacifiers for the little one, or a sticker book for the older one?
  • Ziploc bags – They are great for storing opened snacks and for keeping dirty clothes separate in your diaper bag
  • Baby-friendly snacks, comfort toys, and a few books
  • Bath gel, bath toys, and lotions

traveling with kids - bring bag or diaper bag

And make sure before anything that your kids have all the right clothing for the upcoming seasons. Check out Patpat for loads of different clothing for kids of all ages.

2. Buy a Car Seat Bag

If your baby is younger than two years, you might have to hold them on your lap the entire flight. This can be quite uncomfortable especially if you are traveling without your partner. The simplest solution is for you to purchase an extra ticket for your baby and bring a car seat on the plane. Look for something that’s not too bulky or heavy. Traveling with your child secured in a car seat is one of the safest ways to air travel.


3. Choose the right travel bags

The more space it has, the better. You’ll be stuffing a lot of things into the bag so buy something that has a lot of storage space; preferably a bag with tons of separate storage spaces. This way, you can easily place items in their designated locations and easily pull them out as opposed to having to continually rummage in the bag every time.

Car Caddy Black Front

This bag is designed for parents on the go, keeping the baby’s and your needs at your fingertips from park to plane! The Car Caddy from BEIS Travel features plenty of spacious storage areas. Honestly, you might think we’re just saying that, but you’d be surprised! It’s also laptop friendly and even has space for a water bottle.

When embarking on family adventures, selecting the appropriate travel bags is crucial. Consider sustainable options like Solgaard Design, marrying functionality with eco-consciousness. Practicality meets style, enhancing your journey with thoughtfully crafted luggage for a seamless travel experience.

4. Bring Your Child’s Favorite Toys

Pack that stuffed bear your baby loves and take their favorite book with you. Simply carry anything that can help your little one feel comfortable and safe. Whip out their toys as a distraction especially if you feel a tantrum building up! Or how about letting them pack their own luggage during the trip?

Or even a book such as Put Me In The Story They have a variety of books for all ages and areas of interest. You can personalize the books with the names of your children, allowing them to take fictional adventures.

When planning your family’s next adventure with your Kids, consider incorporating interactive learning experiences to keep your kids engaged and entertained on the road. Websites like ABCya offer a variety of educational games that can turn travel time into valuable learning opportunities. From math challenges to language puzzles, ABCya’s games provide a fun way for children to explore new concepts while making their journey smoother and more enjoyable.

traveling with kids - bring stroller with you

5. Carry a Stroller

Imagine if you have a connecting flight and you need to dash from one end of the airport to the next. Children get tired quickly and at some point; you’ll have to carry them. This is especially difficult to do; imagine lugging a car seat, your diaper bag, your carry-on, and your baby as well.

Make things easier for you and your baby by checking your stroller at the gate. You’ll be able to use it to maneuver through the airport and right up to the end of the jetway. From here, the airline’s attendant will store it in the cargo hold for you and bring it back up when you’ve landed. NB: Purchase a collapsible stroller as they are easier to use, if you have two kids, check out this double stroller

traveling with kids - schedule trips accordingly

6. Schedule Your Trips Accordingly

By now, your baby probably has his/her sleeping schedule. Most babies tend to get fidgety in the afternoon hours. Consider scheduling your trips around your child’s sleep time. This way, they can go right to sleep as soon as they board the plane or get into a car.

7. Dress in Comfort

If you are breastfeeding, it’s always a good idea to carry a scarf or a baby carrier wrap – it can double as a cover-up when breastfeeding or as an accessory to hide those spit-up stains on your shirt. Additionally, wear comfortable shoes when you travel so they won’t give your feet blisters from all the walking and running you may have to do.

And make sure they are dressed comfortably as well!

traveling with kids -  best tips to follow

8. Breastfeed Without Fear

Some moms are nervous about nursing in public; especially when seated next to a stranger on a plane. Planes don’t have much privacy (unless you can spring for first-class tickets) so you’ll need to get creative. Use a blanket to cover up. Or, if you are lucky enough to get a window seat, simply pin a receiving blanket to the seat in front of you. All you need are two safety pins and hopefully, an understanding and accommodating neighbor.

traveling with kids - best tips

9. Try to Take Short Trips

Children start getting impatient if they sit in one spot for long periods of time. If you are driving, try to plan stops along the way to allow your little one to walk around for a bit. If you are flying, try not to take trips that are longer than six hours. Traveling with kids can be tiring but short breaks are important!

10. Try to Relax

Babies will have tantrums, and there’s nothing you can do about it. No matter how well you plan, you may encounter a situation where your child just wants to cry or yell. If all fails, accept that babies will be babies and try to relax. A panicked mom means a hectic travel experience. Get into your zen and take things in stride.

Traveling with babies doesn’t have to be a terrifying experience. With proper preparation, it can actually be fun! Think of every scenario you might encounter during your travels beforehand and plan for solutions accordingly.

Find out endless products at Cushion Lab to provide the plushy reinforcements you need to sleep better while traveling and feel better once you’ve reached your destination.

More Traveling Ideas

Whether it’s packing snacks, juices, pumping milk beforehand, or carrying their favorite toys, ensure you’re prepared for anything. If all fails, well, at least you tried your best!  

Have a newborn? Not only trying to figure out travel logistics but also need some parenting tips. Here are a few overall helpful tips for being a good father to a newborn!

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