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Get Fit With a Simple Fat Burning Workout Routine

It’s time to start a workout routine and get that body toned up! The next couple of months will be filled with parties and gatherings, be it a simple summer dinner with friends and family, vacations, beach days, etc.

What do all these events have in common? You need to dress up and fit into your favorite outfits. We all want to look our best in our go-to party outfits and thus the need for some quick and simple fat-burning exercises.

Getting fit involves a combination of cardio and strength training exercises. Whether you’re a single person or a group of older adults, you can reap the health benefits of workout plans. Just choose your favorite regular exercise activities, decide how many days per week to do them, and implement your exercise routine. You’ll meet your fitness goals in no time!

Just before we get into it, if you’re looking for a full-body workout, you can give Hydrow a look! Their rowing machine is tailored for maximum muscle engagement and works out your core, back, arms, and legs!

1. Jumping Rope

Jumping ropes are a great addition to your workout that will easily get your heart rate up. This exercise can be done from home or in the gym. Studies show that it’s a great substitute for jogging, especially if you are looking to burn fat but aren’t a big fan of running.

Additionally, this exercise training works for different muscle groups simultaneously. A simple 20-minute workout session can help you lose calories, strengthen your shoulders, arms, legs, and glutes, and build flexibility in your thighs and hips.

The best part about jumping rope is that you only require a rope, a small space in your yard, and as little as 10-20 minutes out of your day to achieve impressive results.

Looking for jump ropes that are great for cross-training? Give Crossrope a look. They even have weighted jump ropes!


2. Planks

Most of us struggle with the dreaded belly fat and maintaining a flat stomach can deem difficult. Introducing planks into your routine can be highly beneficial. Planks are simple to do and very effective. They are a sure way of strengthening your core and toning your abs to give you that beach-ready body!

Your body should form a straight line from the crown of your head to your feet, with your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle, your forearms lying flat on the floor, and your toes supporting your body lower body. Make sure your alignment is correct – your body should be in a straight line from head to toe when you are in the plank position.


Hold the plank position for 5 seconds, and 10 seconds, and continue increasing the intervals and sets as your core strengthens. Allocate a mere 5-10 minutes in the morning and an additional 5 minutes in the evening. A daily plank workout routine will go a long way in helping you lose belly fat and trim your midsection.

And if you’re really looking to challenge yourself this year, make sure to check out Bowflex. They have tons of awesome home gym equipment that will transform the way you work out from home.

3. Step Aerobics

Step aerobics are engaging, fun, and yet another way to burn fat and help you keep fit. The best part about step aerobics is the choreographed rhythm that goes along with the routine. The choreography executed during the routines makes the exercise a great way to burn fat for anyone who finds jogging, or other forms of cardio workouts boring. Check out Obe fitness for a home Aerobics Video.

All you need is a simple step, about 4 inches high. Next, download a beginner aerobics guide and continue to mix it up with other tutorials once you get the hang of your beginner routine.

If you enjoy dancing and are looking to sweat and get a good workout in, then adding step aerobics to your workout routine is for you!

Enhance your step aerobics routine with reliable footwear like Reebok sneakers. Their excellent support and comfort can help you maintain balance and reduce injury risk, making your workouts more effective and enjoyable. A good pair of shoes is essential for optimal performance.

4. Abdominal Crunches

Abdominal crunches are a true classic when it comes to exercises that target the midsection. Consider mixing in abdominal crunches with your cardio for faster results. These types of crunches not only work at strengthening your core but also aid in trimming and toning your midsection.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet firmly on the floor. You can opt to cross your arms at your chest to avoid pulling on your neck.

Next, inhale to contract your abdominal muscles and lift your shoulder blades about two inches off the ground. Exhale as you come up, making sure to keep your neck straight and your chin up. Hold the pose for 5 seconds and slowly go back down. Repeat the process for 10 minutes in the morning and an additional 10 minutes in the evening.

Note: Ease into this pose slowly as exerting too much pressure on your core can lead to back pains. Remember to keep proper posture and breath during your workout.


5. Lunges

The greatest thing about lunges is that they target muscle groups in your legs that are often ignored by other workouts. Lunges are a form of strength training and they keep the body metabolically active, which aids in calorie burning. You can make your lunges more challenging by holding dumbbells.

To make a proper lunge, keep your back straight, push your shoulders back, and lift your chin up. Step forward with one leg and lower both hips until both legs are at a 90-degree angle.

NOTE: Your knee should not touch the floor. Hold the position for 5-10 seconds, push back with your heels to the starting position, switch legs, and repeat.

When striving for an effective fat-burning workout, choosing the right footwear is crucial. Brands like Hoka One provide comfortable and supportive shoes that can enhance your exercise routine, ensuring both safety and performance during your fitness journey.

The workouts mentioned above might seem daunting at first, but after a few rounds, your body will adjust accordingly. Our poses can help with weight loss, increase your energy levels, aid in strengthening your muscles and bones, and even improve your skin health!

When it comes to achieving weight loss goals, a balanced approach is key. Alongside effective fat-burning workout exercises, adopting a mindful eating routine can further enhance results. Consider programs like Weight Watchers, which emphasize portion control, healthy food choices, and support, making your weight loss journey sustainable and enjoyable.

6. Mirror (from Lululemon)

While this isn’t an exercise per se, Mirror takes your at-home workout routine to the next level and turns any of the rooms in your house into a gym. Mirror also offers fitness classes for all levels and allows you to work out on demand, at any time of the day. The best part is, that Mirror provides all of this–thousands of different classes, a heart rate tracker, and real-time feedback specifically tailored to your goals–without changing the aesthetic of your home. Check them out here.

Do you have a simple fat-burning position that has worked for you?

Need some motivation? Check out what a Fitbit tracker can do for you!

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Receive all the latest news and tips on fatherhood, family, work life, budgeting, fitness and so much more.