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How to Meal Prep with Steak

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Steak serves as an excellent source of daily nutrients. High in iron, protein, vitamin B12, zinc, and more, it gives you the extra boost you need to carry on your daily activities. However, not everyone has the time to whip out the grill every day and prepare a juicy tenderloin. So, learning how to meal prep with steak will save you time during the week and still give you nutritious food options!

Here’s what you’ll learn how to do:

  1. Select your meat
  2. Add your sides
  3. Decide on the right dessert
  4. Get it all together

Ways to Meal Prep with Steak

Select Your Meat

Not all steaks have the same thickness, juiciness, and flavor. So, learning your meat cuts and what you prefer should serve as your first step for meal prepping with steak.

Let’s go on a brief tour of some steak profiles:

4 (6 oz.) Butcher's Cut Filet Mignons - meal prep with steak
Omaha Steaks
  1. Filet Mignon: Known for its tenderness and mild flavor, filet mignon is a prime choice for those who prefer a lean and buttery texture. It’s often considered one of the most luxurious steak cuts.
  2. Ribeye: Ribeye steaks are rich in flavor due to the marbling of fat throughout the meat. This cut is juicy, tender, and well-suited for grilling, pan-searing, or broiling.
  3. New York Strip: Also known as strip steak or sirloin steak, the New York strip offers a balance of tenderness and robust beefy flavor. It’s typically leaner than ribeye but still quite flavorful.

    1 (28 oz.) Fully Cooked Beef Tenderloin Roast - meal prep with steak
    Omaha Steaks
  4. Tenderloin: Tenderloin steaks, also called filet or chateaubriand when larger, are exceptionally tender and have a delicate flavor. They’re often chosen for their melt-in-your-mouth texture.
  5. T-Bone or Porterhouse: These steaks feature both the tenderloin and the strip steak, separated by a T-shaped bone. They offer the best of both worlds—tenderloin tenderness and strip steak flavor.
  6. Tomahawk Steak: This is essentially a ribeye steak with a long bone left attached, resembling a tomahawk axe. It’s visually impressive and offers all the richness and flavor of a ribeye.

Finally, you’ll want to get your steak from a supplier that hires expert butchers. That way, you ensure you get the best quality meat no matter which cut you prefer.

Add Your Sides

4 (3.81 oz.) Individual Scalloped Potatoes - meal prep with steak
Omaha Steaks

While steak serves as a mouthwatering dish on its own, you’ll want to increase your meal’s culinary intrigue by adding sides.

Some sides that go well with steak include:


We recommend making a different side for each day. If you do this, you’re less likely to get bored of eating your meals!

2 (12 oz. trays) Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes - meal prep with steak
Omaha Steaks

Finish with Dessert

2 lbs. Gourmet Cheesecake Sampler - meal prep with steak
Omaha Steaks

While it’s true that dessert should be eaten in moderation, many people incorporate cheat days into their meal prep with steak. After all, these days serve as an excellent motivation to eat well the rest of the week. If you want to give yourself a sweet treat once or twice a week, consider these options:

  1. An assorted cheesecake tray
  2. Ice cream
  3. Strawberry shortcake
  4. Molten lava cake
  5. Fruit salad
  6. Caramel apple tartlets
  7. Cupcakes
6 (4 oz.) Caramel Apple Tartlets - meal prep with steak
Omaha Steaks

Putting It All Together

For many people, going out to get all the ingredients serves as a stressful part of the process. Fortunately, Omaha Steaks will deliver your steaks, sides, and desserts right to your door! Plus, they’re offering 50% off their entire site from February 21st-April 8th. Plus, you’ll get 4 free burgers on orders over $149 during that time as well!

Start Eating Well

When you meal prep with steak, you’ll have the opportunity to start eating highly nutritious meals. If you want more tips regarding cooking, take a look at this resource! That way, you can start eating better meal options without having to leave your house!

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