Summer Skincare for Men - Man's Skincare Routine

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We looked into summer skincare for men and found the right products for every man’s skincare routine during the warmest months.

A proper man’s skincare routine is often an afterthought, but it most certainly shouldn’t be. Especially during the summertime, it’s important to have a quality skincare routine that will ensure their skin remains healthy. Excess amounts of sun can be damaging to your skin and can lead to health issues with lots of exposure.

So, whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or sensitive skin, you’ll need a good routine to take care of yourself!

Summer Skincare for Men – Men’s Skincare Routine 

1. Men’s Sunscreen – Lumin UV-Defense Moisturizing Balm

Source: Lumin

We’ve all experienced a rough sunburn growing up because we felt invincible. While getting a nice tan on your skin during the summer is the goal, we always want to mitigate any damage to the skin as well. Too much exposure to the sun can burn, damage and potentially lead to long-term health hazards.

This UV-Defense Moisturizing Balm is a strong must-have for summer skincare for men. It’s best to keep your skin protected from the sun and add this UV-defense moisturizing balm to your skincare routine.

At SPF 30, not only does this balm protect your skin from the sun, it contains anti-aging ingredients that keep your skin looking fresh. It’s not enough to block the sun off your skin, you want your sunscreen to keep your skin hydrated as well. This is a necessity for any man’s skincare routine in the summer.



2. Must-Have Moisturizer – Kiehl’s Facial Fuel


Source: Nordstrom

While sunscreen is a necessity in a men’s skincare routine, do not skip out on a good moisturizer underneath. A good moisturizer for men is lightweight and helps improve skin texture and dull skin. The Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment available at Nordstrom is our top pick for a lightweight, on-the-go moisturizer. Its convenient tube keeps the product hygienic and easy to throw in any gym or travel bag!

Don’t know what else you need to complete your routine? Get assistance from a Kiehl’s expert at the counter or get access to the full Kiehl’s line of products online.


3. A Good Face Wash – Clinique for Men Face Scrub

Source: Nordstrom

While it’s important to always have a good face wash for any men’s skincare routine, it is vital during the summer months. As the weather gets warmer, you are more likely to sweat on a daily basis. Excess sweat can clog your pores, and lead to acne and other skin issues.

It’s best to have a good face scrub in your arsenal. No summer skincare for men is complete without a quality face scrub, and our favorite comes from Clinique. Part exfoliant, part pre-shave treatment, this scrub helps to unclog pores and neutralize bacteria. This face scrub will work to keep your pores clear and your face bright and looking your summer best.

4. An All-in One-Skin Care Routine for Men – Tiege Hanley

Man's Skincare Routine
Source: Tiege Hanley

For guys that don’t want to have to search high and low to get a full skincare routine on their one, just try out a full set from a brand like Tiege Hanley. Our favorite from them is the tier 3 system that comes with all of these important skincare products:

  • Face Wash – using twice a day, the face wash helps clean the skin and provides a “clean slate” for the rest of the products to do their job.
  • Scrub Exfoliator – this helps to scrub away any bacteria that could cause future damage, and clean through your pores.
  • A Morning Moisturizer – moisturizer helps keep your skin protected from the sun, helps diminish wrinkles, and reduces breakouts
  • A Nighttime Moisturizer – helps to keep skin from drying overnight, and reduces any redness/inflammation
  • Eye Cream – reduces puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes, and helps create a more youthful appearance
  • Serum – creates firmer, smoother skin and makes wrinkles less prominent

If you’re lacking a men’s skincare routine currently, investing in an all in one system is a great start to promoting a better habit for yourself in the future.

5. Don’t Forget the Lips – Jack Black Therapy Lip Balm

Summer Skincare for Men
Source: Neiman Marcus

While it’s good to be concerned about keeping your skin protected during the summer, it’s easy to forget about your lips. Your lips can be easily damaged by the change in temperature. It’s as important to include a lip balm defense in the summer skincare for men.

Most men just grab a stick of lip balm at the grocery store on their way out when their lips are already burnt, chapped, and causing them pain. It’s better to be prepared and start using a better, preventative product. Using a quality lip balm like Jack Black will keep your lips healthy and moisturized.

Stay Protected Regardless of Skin Type

If you’re a man who has always pushed off things such as a skincare routine or sun protection, the best way to get started is just that, get started! And the summer months are the best time to do so for all the unique challenges your skin will deal with. So, wash your face and skin with these ingredients and avoid skin cancers and other issues!