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“Perhaps if I put my family’s happiness before my own, I will ultimately have a more joy-filled life,” said every family man. Expectations of dads’ participation at home have risen, but the expectations of making a living and providing for the family has not gone away. So, how can you enjoy being a family man while still juggling other balls in the air? Here are 20 tips to help you balance your work and home life:

1. Leave Your Work at Work

As soon as you leave that revolving glass door or when you take off that construction hat, consider this to be the close of the business day. Instead of worrying about a looming deadline, spend more time enjoying your loved one’s company. Resume work the following day.

2. Rekindle the Romance

Rediscover each other! Your relationship with your spouse should be the most important relationship. Plan for fun and impromptu date nights with your wife and enjoy each other’s company away from the kids.

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3. Scrape for Some Alone Time

Do you have a hobby that you used to love before becoming a family man? Just because you have a family does not mean that your old identity should be shelved. Take on a DIY project, grab a beer with your pals, go to the gym, etc. Simply do something that truly makes you happy.

4. Spend Time with Each of Your Kids

Every child seeks approval from their parents, especially from dad. Spending some one-on-one quality time with each of your children can make all the difference.

5. Unplug

Switch your phone, tablet, etc. off and enjoy the wonderful life you’ve carved out for yourself.

6. Help Out More

A happy wife equals a happy life. A simple gesture such as cleaning the dishes, taking out the garbage, or preparing a family meal can diffuse the tension and make your home life that much more enjoyable.

7. Budget for Everything

Money is a key stressor in many relationships. Build a family budget and stick to it. Having an outlined plan will lead to fewer arguments over money.

8. Play Together

Now its time to include everyone! Family game nights can help you learn a lot about your family and thus make your life as a family man more enjoyable. Pet can also be apart of your family, so if you have any, make sure you find some time to play with them too.

9. Take Trips Together

It doesn’t have to be an expensive trip. Even a simple plan such as camping in your living room or your backyard together can have a big impact.

10. Show Up

Whether your child is playing the ‘tree’ in “Alice in Wonderland” or they are the valedictorian of their senior year, merely showing up and basking in the joy of what you have created can help ease your stress.

11. Visit Family Members Together

Instead of your wife taking the kids to see the grandparents alone, why not join them and enjoy being in the company of your loved ones?

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12. Volunteer Together

Serving other people who are less fortunate can help bring so much joy to the family. It can help you refocus and value what you have more.

13. Be Young Again

Your young daughter wants to play dress-up? Why not indulge her instead of watching a football game? Memories are created from the simple things in life after all.

14. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Everybody disappoints someone in life. If you didn’t make that scheduled PTA meeting, it’s okay. That is why you have a partner. Do not beat yourself up over events that you have no control over.

15. Read Together

Try and make it home before your kid’s bedtime stories. This way, you will be able to tuck them in and enjoy a good read together before bedtime.

16. Dad’s Day Out

Every parent dreads a trip to the mall but sometimes, seeing a smile on your family’s face is all you need to distress from a hard week at work.

17. Forks Tales Never Grow Old

Instead of just reading to your family, why not take them down memory lane by telling them tales of your past?

18. DIY With Family

Teach your family how to be dependent. If not for your ease of mind, then to know that you have imparted wisdom. Who knows, it can be a fun family activity to partake.

19. Watch Cartoons

Cartoons are not just for children. When you watch cartoons, you will be able to laugh, relax, and avoid the stress from the daily life.

20. Eat Together

A family that eats together stays together. Teach your family the value of unity and faith (regardless of your religions). Sit down for a meal every day and enjoy being in each other’s presence.

Final Thoughts

A family is a blessing so make time to enjoy it as much as you can. When you realize what a gift they are, you are more likely to enjoy being a family man.

Are you a family man? What other tips would you give a struggling father or husband? Let us know in the comment section below.

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