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Selling a Car to Carvana: How to Do It

selling a car to carvana

Do you need to sell your vehicle but not sure where to start? Selling a car to Carvana might be the right option for you. Carvana is known for pairing great cars with owners who need them. Yet, they also seek to grow their vehicle inventory by purchasing used cars from the general public.

Selling a Car to Carvana: How to Do It

So, how do you go about selling a car to Carvana? In this article, we’ll take you step-by-step through the Carvana selling experience. That way, you can have your car off your hands in no time!

1. Get Your Offer

selling a car to carvana Before you make any commitments, Carvana gives you a chance to review a real offer. Even better, you can receive this offer in as little as 2 minutes.

To do this, you’ll need to know your license plate number (including the state). If you don’t know your license plate number off the top of your head, you can also use your VIN number. You can find your VIN number on your vehicle. Carvana will then be able to look up information on your car before asking questions about the condition of the vehicle. After this process, they may extend an offer to you. If you choose to accept the offer, Carvana will schedule a time to come pick up your car.

What if you don’t have your VIN number or license plate information? Don’t worry, you can still get an estimate of how much Carvana will pay by simply navigating to the “Sell/Trade” page on the company’s website. You’ll be prompted to describe the year, make, model, and trim of your vehicle.

Then, Carvana will generate an estimate. Please note that this is not a real offer. It just gives you an idea of what Carvana might pay so you know whether you want to look up your VIN or license plate number.

2. Decide If You Want to Sell or Trade

selling a car to carvana

Are you selling your car in hopes of getting a new one? If so, you might want to consider trading instead of selling a car to Carvana.

When you trade your vehicle, you’ll go through the exact same process listed above. After you’re finished, though, you’ll have the chance to browse through some available vehicles with your trade amount applied to see how it affects the total and monthly payments. and see if any of them would match your lifestyle.

In fact, Carvana is so dedicated to helping people find their ideal car that it has created a special Car Finder.

The Car Finder feature asks you to list your needs for a new vehicle. Then, it will ask about your preferences. You can include things like fuel efficiency or space (perfect for families of 5 or more).

Once you’ve filled out all the components of the Car Finder, Carvana will generate some suggestions tailored to you. Look over the details of each car and see if one stands out to you. Then, you can reserve the vehicle (learn about the 6 big mistakes you can make while buying a car).

When you pursue trading rather than selling a car to Carvana, you won’t get any money out of the transaction because you’re getting a car instead.

3. A Representative Comes to Pick Your Car Up

selling a car to carvana

Once you’ve accepted your offer or selected a trade-in, a Carvana representative will come to your house to pick up your vehicle.

If you’ve chosen to trade your car, you’ll get your new vehicle now. When you have it in your possession, you have 7 days to drive it and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, simply select a different car from Carvana’s website, and then the car will be delivered to you.

If you’re selling your car to Carvana, a representative will give it a quick inspection at pick-up. As long as the condition matches what you described, you’ll get paid!

Selling a Car to Carvana: More Car Advice

Ready to start selling a car to Carvana?

When you use Carvana to sell your car, you’ll be able to rest assured you’re getting the best deal for your vehicle. To get the most for your money, make sure your vehicle doesn’t have any undiagnosed issues.

Learn more about Carvana before jumping in!

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