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Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangements to Show Your Love

Let’s face it: your loved one brightens any room she steps in, and she lights up your heart. As such, you believe she deserves a gift as stunning and vibrant as she is. But since it’s Valentine’s Day, you shouldn’t settle for just any bouquet and gift combination. So, we compiled this list of our favorite Valentine’s Day flower arrangements!

Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangements

Two Dozen Assorted Roses for Romance

Valentine's day flower arrangments

The Two Dozen Assorted Roses for Romance from is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. After all, this curated bouquet of two dozen roses encapsulates the essence of romance and passion. As a result, it’s an ideal symbol of affection for your special someone.

From the fiery red roses to the softer tones, the diverse hues represent the spectrum of emotions in a relationship.

Plus, the vibrant arrangement not only captivates the eyes but also fills the air with the sweet fragrance of love. As a timeless symbol of romance, these assorted roses convey a message of enduring love and appreciation.

Expressions of Love

Valentine's Day flower arrangments

The Expressions of Love bouquet emerges as an exceptional Valentine’s Day gift. This meticulously crafted arrangement speaks the language of love through its vibrant blend of red and pink roses. Showcasing the beauty of each flower, it conveys a heartfelt message that transcends words.

Even better, the thoughtful combination of premium blooms is not just a gift; it’s a gesture, an expression of deep emotions. With its enchanting fragrance and striking visual appeal, the Expressions of Love bouquet creates a lasting impression. Whether for a longtime partner or a blossoming love, this bouquet effortlessly communicates the timeless sentiments of Valentine’s Day.

Lotsa Love Bear Bouquet

Valentine's Day flower arrangments

If your loved one is a little unconventional, they might appreciate a non-traditional bouquet. delivers with the Lotsa Love Bear Bouquet! In this alternative to Valentine’s Day flower arrangements, 5 plush bears steal the show.

Each of them holds a stuffed heart, while other hearts stick out from the bouquet. We do not doubt that this bouquet is destined to become one of her favorites! Even better, it requires no upkeep!

Fields of Europe Romance

Valentine's Day flower arrangements

If she dreams of spending whimsical days in Italy or swooning on a date under the Eiffel Tower, the Fields of Europe Romance bouquet serves as the perfect gift! After being thoughtfully crafted arrangement by local florists, this bouquet features a symphony of romantic hues and textures. It showcases roses, lilies, and daisies that evoke the charm of a European meadow.

The elegant presentation of this bouquet reflects the care and consideration put into choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. After all, its beauty not only serves as a visual delight but also speaks volumes about the sender’s affection. Gifting the Fields of Europe Romance bouquet transcends the ordinary, making it a heartfelt expression of love.

Keepsake Red Rose Wreath

Valentine's Day flower arrangements

If your loved one adores decorating, why not let Valentine’s Day come early this year and get her the Keepsake Red Rose Wreath? Composed entirely of red roses, this wreath comes in a heart shape and will take up 16 inches of her door. So, it’s the perfect size to make it eye-catching and attractive!

Do you want to save on your gifts this year? Fortunately, is currently running a sale that’s nearly as gorgeous as their flowers! Now, you’ll save up to 50% off their Valentine’s Day collection with no promo code needed!

Valentine’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

For women who love flowers, the bouquets listed above will serve as an attractive and memorable option. But if you want to make her day extra special, we recommend checking out some of these gift ideas as well!

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