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10 Best Home Renovation Projects to Start

From small hardware changes to major room additions, here are 10 of the best home renovation projects you can do this year!

As a homeowner, taking on DIY home renovation projects can be a big task. However, it can increase your home’s value while also making it more comfortable for you to live in. Even small or minor upgrades can drastically change the look and feel of your home. If your home is in desperate need of a face-lift, then we have a couple of projects you might be interested in. Here are 10 ways homeowners can renovate or remodel their homes!

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10 Home Renovation Projects for Homeowners

1. Change your bathroom hardware

Upgrading your bathroom hardware is one of the simplest home remodel projects you can make. It doesn’t require a lot of time or money, although it can completely change the look of your bathroom. For example, this champagne gold hardware set will give your bathroom a luxurious makeover for under $150.

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2. Upgrade your kitchen appliances

Renovating a kitchen is one of the most expensive projects a homeowner can take on. However, there are a few small projects you can do instead. Consider replacing a few outdated appliances for an easy and affordable way to refresh your kitchen. Swapping out your fridge or oven with newer models will increase your home’s value while also making it a more pleasant place to cook.

Whether you’re renovating an outdated bathroom or building your dream kitchen, offers the widest selection of products from today’s most recognized brands.

3. Replace your windows

New windows don’t just make your home more attractive, but they also make your home more energy efficient. If you’re paying a lot in electric costs, it could be because of your windows. Old, single-pane windows can be poorly insulated, which causes air and heat loss. Replace them with double-pane and insulating glass to save money on your monthly heating and AC bills!


4. Install a new deck 

Make your home BBQ-season ready by adding a deck or patio to your backyard. It’s a big project, but one that’s worth the investment if you’re looking to create a liveable space outside. In addition to the wooden beams, piers, and ledgers, you’ll also need woodworking tools. For example, a durable table saw is a necessity if you want to make a DIY deck.

When planning a home renovation project like installing a new deck, consider utilizing Thumbtack’s services. They can connect you with experienced professionals who will help you create a stunning outdoor space for your family to enjoy.

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5. Landscape your front and backyard

When looking at home renovation projects, don’t forget about the outside of your home. Putting down new grass seed, planting some flowers, and weeding your lawn are just a few tasks that will increase your home’s curb appeal. 

In addition to transforming your front and backyard with stunning landscaping, consider incorporating reliable tools to enhance your renovation projects. Vevor offers a range of high-quality equipment and supplies that can assist you in creating a beautiful outdoor space, ensuring your home renovation endeavors are both efficient and successful.

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6. Convert your attic

It’s time to sweep away the cobwebs and finally convert your attic into usable space. Fixing up an attic can be a lot of work, especially if there isn’t electricity or insulation. However, you’ll end up with an extra room that can be used for storage, an office, or even a second bedroom!

7. Add a fresh coat of paint

Tired of staring at those boring white walls? Then it’s time to revamp your home by adding a fresh coat of paint. If you’re not into bright colors, even painting over your walls with an eggshell or cream can make it feel more like home. This can be a simple DIY project, although you can also consider hiring a professional with HomeTool if you have many rooms to paint.

8. Finish your basement

If you’re lucky enough to have a basement, then now is the time to convert that space into something more livable. Adding drywall and laying down flooring can transform your dark basement into a separate bedroom or living room. Add a wet bar and a pool table, and you can have your very own man cave! You can also add more living space with additional bedding.

9. Replace your roof

Don’t wait until your roof starts to leak to replace it. If you have the time and money now, it’s worth being proactive to fix it before it becomes a major cost and safety issue. The roof is an integral part of your home’s foundation, which is why this is one of the most important home remodeling projects to tackle. Plus, it’s one of those things you only have to replace every 15 to 20 years!

10. Swap carpeting for hardwood

Not a fan of old carpets? You’re not the only one, which is why adding hardwood floors is one of the most popular home renovation projects. Not only does this increase your home’s value, but it also drastically changes its appearance. Plus, it’s easier to clean and better for allergy sufferers! Solid wood is durable, although engineered hardwood or bamboo can also look great.

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Remodeling your home with these home renovation projects will undoubtedly give your living space a fresh, new look. Feel free to also take this time to sort through unused pieces of furniture or décor items to sell at a garage sale. You can keep your newly renovated home tidy with these inspiring organization tricks and tips too!

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