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Christmas is the time of year where the entire family comes together to celebrate the birth of Christ, drink some eggnog, blast Christmas carols, and enjoy some much needed quality fun while seated around the roaring fireplace. And what better time to spend some quality time together playing games than during these happy holidays, especially since most outdoor arcades are closed anyways.

So if you’ve got the family coming over and want to keep the fun going, try one of our family Christmas games and enjoy a very merry Christmas!

1. The Memory Games

Number of players: As many as you’d like

The objective: Try to remember as many items from the tray

How to play:

Gather 10 to 15 small objects and place them on a platter. The items can range from wrapping paper, Christmas stockings, Christmas cookies, candles, Xmas movies, bows, etc.

Set the tray in the middle of the table and allow everyone to study it for 1 minute. Afterward, take the tray out of the room.

Pass pieces of papers and pens to your guests and have them write down as many items as they can remember. The person with the most correct items wins the pre-selected gifts.


2. Pin the Nose on Rudolph Game

Number of players: 4 or more

The objective: To correctly place Rudolph’s red nose on the right spot

How to play:

Using a blindfold or a piece of cloth, cover one person’s eyes and spin them around to disorientate them. Once released, place the red nose in their hand and point them in Rudolph’s direction.

The goal is for the player to guess where Rudolph’s nose is, and attempt to pin his nose back. Whoever’s closest wins.

3. Christmas Charades Game

Number of players: 4 or more

The objective: Correctly guess the title your opponent is acting out.

How to play:

One person stands in front of the group and mimes the title of a Christmas song, movie, book, or play. The catch is that everyone has to pick a Christmas-related theme.

The player uses hand gestures to show whether it’s a book, play, film, etc. Once someone has correctly guessed the genre, the person doing the miming then acts out each word at a time or mime’s the full title at a go.

The people watching will have to guess the name and whoever gets it right then swaps places and goes on to mime their title to the group.


4. Two Truths and a Lie Game

Number of players: As many as you’d like

The objective: To guess which instance is false

How to play:

Everyone sits around a table or on the floor. In the middle set an empty bottle for which a contestant spins around. The top end indicates who will make up the three instances and the bottom end of the bottle points to the person who will guess which two instances are true, and which one is a lie.

This game is especially fun as it offers a happy platform to know each other a little bit better.

5. The Gift Game

Number of players: Everyone!

The objective: To get as many presents as you can

How to play:

Everyone brings gifts which are then put together in the middle of the room.

To make it fun, be cheeky and buy cheap, corny gifts and wrap them really well to disguise the shape and content. If you’re not into cheeky and corny gifts, we have a few gift suggestions!

Next, take turns throwing two dices. Whoever lands a double six (a 6 on each dice face) is allowed to take a present but not open it.

Everyone gets a go, and if a player gets a double six, they are allowed to “steal” a gift that someone else has chosen for themselves or pick a new one from the gift pile.

*The game can become quite fun, especially if two opponents decide to “fight” for one particular gift.

When everyone has had a few turns, then it’s time to open the presents and see what you’ve won!


6. Christmas Movie Trivia Game

Number of players: The more, the merrier

The objective: To correctly answer the questions

How to play:

Tons of printable trivia sheets can be found online. Simply download a Christmas movie trivia sheet and enjoy hours of correctly guessing the right answers. Keep score, and the person with the highest score wins the game.

7. Download some Christmas Themed Games

Number of players: 2

The objective: To win the game

How to play:

There are tons of online games available for download including Daze before Christmas, James Pond 2: Codename RoboCod, and Snatcher, among others.

8. The Mystery Stocking Game

Number of players: 2 or more

The objective: To correctly guess what’s inside the sock

How to play:

This game is ideal for adults and children alike. Take your child’s favorite Xmas stocking and fill it up with small, random gifts.

Next, hand the stockings over to everyone and let them hold and feel the shape of the gift without putting their hands inside.

If anyone makes the correct guess, then they get to keep their gifts!

9. Ornament Guesses Game

Number of players: Everyone who walks through your main door

The objective: To correctly guess the number of ornaments adorned on your Christmas tree

How to play:

Let the fun begin as soon as the guests walk through the door! Make every person guess the number of ornaments on your tree. To make it fun, the person who makes the right guess, or the person whose guess is closest to the answer is awarded a small prize.

10. Snowball Toss Game

Number of players: 3 or more

The objective: To land as many marshmallows as possible

How to play:

You’ll need a packet or two of marshmallows and a bucket. Place the bucket at the end of your table and sit directly across it.

The goal here is to throw marshmallows, one at a time and land as many as you can inside the bucket. To make the game fun, everyone has only 60 seconds! The one with the most successful throws wins.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Christmas, especially when you have the whole family over, there’s no better way to pass the time than by getting stuck into some great Christmas games. These games can be played at any time and with as little as 2 people to as many guests as you have.

Fill the whole Christmas day with play and buckets of fun!

Happy Holidays!