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Whether you already have a dog or are looking at getting one in the near future, there are certain things you should always keep in mind. These are 5 dog facts that dog lovers need to always consider.

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Dog Years Are Different Than Human Years

In general, smaller breeds of dogs often live longer than the larger breeds. This is not always the case, but most of the time this is how life plays out for them. Smaller dogs may live on average 10 to 15 years or so while bigger dogs are often lucky to get to 10 years old.

Keep in mind that one human year is said to equate to about 7 dog years. So when a dog is approaching 10 years old in human years, it only makes sense that they move around much slower since they are 70 in dog years.

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There Will Come a Time

No one likes to think of the day that will finally come where your doggy will not be around any longer. (If you can get through this video without crying, you are a much tougher man than I.) But, eventually, the time will come. No one lives forever. Except maybe Kirk Douglas.


You may believe that you will never care for another dog as much as you cared about the one who just passed. I totally understand that. I love my dogs more than anything or anyone in the world.

However, at some point when you are ready, in memory of your passed dog, you should go out and save one from the shelter by welcoming it into your family. You aren’t replacing the pet you just lost, but rather saving another one’s life in their honor.

Keep Open to What Heaven Presents You

A few years went by after we lost our dog Riley to a stroke one day. Then out of nowhere, I saw a posting on Facebook for a small dog that was just brought to an animal shelter. Two days went by and I could not shake the feeling that I was supposed to adopt this dog.

Finally, I called the shelter and said I would be there the next day to adopt him. They replied by stating that the dog had literally just been adopted, but they had other dogs that I may like. I tried to explain to them that I just had this feeling that the dog which was just adopted was supposed to be mine. I’m sure I sounded like a crazy person to them.

Two to three months went by and I finally decided that maybe I should give the other dogs at that shelter a try. I went on their website and I immediately saw a picture of the original dog that I wanted to adopt. At first I thought that the website had not been updated for a while. But after an hour, I felt like I should call them to make sure.

The shelter told me that the dog had just been returned by a family the day before because it had anxiety issues. I knew it was meant to be! I told them I would be there the next day to adopt him and not to give him to anyone else.


The next day when I was pulling up to the shelter in my car, out came a man with a leash on the dog that was to be mine! I hopped out of my car and said hello to my dog. I frightened the man half to death. He said he was a volunteer at the shelter and was just there to walk him. Flash forward, my dog Flair and I have been together for the past ten years. Some things are just meant to be, so don’t ignore the signs.

Treat Your Dog Like a Member of the Family Because They Are

I have an uncle that hates dogs and will shout at them anytime one comes near. Guess which uncle never gets invited to my house, what would you say? Your dog is a member of your family. They depend on you for a lot of things, but they also give back more than money can buy. Give them gifts now and then to show your appreciation for them. Let them know you love them!

Dogs Will Reduce Your Stress

If you are having a sleepless night of tossing and turning, snuggle up to your dog. They will let your stress melt away and allow you to fall asleep much easier. There is just something so calming about petting a dog. Hospitals should have a dog in every patient’s room and all of us would recover so much better!


Life will present you with many challenges and there is no way around it. Some people seem to get challenged more often than others. But knowing that your pet is at your side and will never abandon you should help carry you through any problems you may be facing.

Have a dog or don’t we all can agree that the unconditional love that a dog can bring is truly a miracle!

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