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Tis’ the season for gifting and holiday cheer! While it may be easy to find that special gift for a loved one or a close friend, gifting to a coworker for a gift exchange can be a trickier holiday task. 

A holiday present for a coworker should always be something that is widely used, is fun/unique and potentially has an added meaning behind it (perhaps, an inside joke). To help you get started, we’ve compiled a few of the best holiday gifts that could be applicable to any coworker.

A Holiday Gift Basket

Simple, high quality and edible. Nothing spreads a little holiday cheer like a unique holiday gift basket. Using a service such as Gourmetgiftbaskets.com gives you access to hundreds of different gift baskets that could be suitable for every type of coworker.

To find the perfect gift basket, find out some of your coworkers likes and dislikes. If you’re purchasing a food basket for them, ask around your place of work if they are a sweets or savory type of eater, as well as if they have any food allergies. There’s a perfect gift basket for everyone, and you can be the greatest giver this year with one!

A Fun Event

Everyone always loves to go out for a fun event. A concert, wine tasting, classes or even a holiday excursion, all of this can be found (at a good price) on a platform like Groupon.

Groupon is known for selling event tickets and experiences at a much cheaper rate, so you can even purchase tickets for a coworker and a spouse! Again, finding out what interests your coworker has will help lead you towards potential experiences to purchase for them. Also, try to find out potential dates they have available (if possible) to avoid any scheduling conflicts for them. Purchasing tickets for events farther out will help avoid these issues.

NFL Team Apparel and Accessories

Do you have a diehard Cowboys or Packers fan in your office? Maybe your teams have a longstanding rivalry and you want to find a way to keep it going with a shirt of your favorite team. Whatever it is, NFLshop.com has tons of cool accessories and apparel for any NFL team.

Since the NFL playoffs are right around the corner, gifting some team gear would help give your coworker just a little more pride for their team. If you’re looking for apparel, of course make sure you have a good idea of what sizing your coworker is. If you’d rather play it safe, NFLshop.com has tons of other accessories as well, such as collectibles, blankets, coffee mugs and more!

A Gift for Their Best Buddy

Do you have a pup lover in the office? Help them spread the holiday cheer with their fur buddy this year with an introductory subscription to BarkBox.

Barkbox offers unique customizable boxes full of toys, treats and products that any dog will love. Gift your coworker the first month of a subscription and potentially give them a way to continue to spoil and love their furry pal. Finding out the breed of their dog, as well as how many dogs they have, will help you get an idea of the perfect first box.

A Funny Coffee Mug

This one may seem like a copout gift, but any mug that can put a smile on your coworkers face every morning could go a long way as a gift. If you and your coworker have any inside jokes or funny memes you have shared with each other, look for those. If not, we recommend going with the “This is fine” mug in order to portray the daily life of an office worker. Share the pain together this holiday season.

Good Ol’ Fashioned Gift Card

While it might not be the most thoughtful present, everyone loves a gift card to their favorite establishments, so you know they’ll get good use of them.

Find places that your coworker loves to shop at, such as Starbucks, Target or Amazon. You can also make it more thoughtful by gifting them a gift card to their favorite restaurants for a date night with their significant other.

Although gifts to a coworker might not be as sentimental as a loved one, you can still gift an awesome present to your favorite fellow employee this year!

If you still need to get your holiday shopping done for your family and friends, check out our awesome gift guide for 2019.