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8 Things Every Parent Dreads

Having children is amazing, but there are things you must give up when being a parent. Here are a few things every parent dreads after having a child of their own:

1. Nights Without Sleep

Get ready to bid adieu to a peaceful sleep if you have a baby. They can wake up any moment, sleep whenever they want to, and cry whenever they feel the need to.

In fact, science says that babies sometimes cry for no reason – just to distract parents or ask for attention. 

Since you’re probably already awake, why not read them a story while you’re at it!

2. Having to Change Diapers

Once you have a baby, you will have to deal with poop – and a lot of it. I often argue with my partner about having to change diapers. She changes it in the day and I take care of night duties and while I might not be very happy about it, I’ve made amends.

I always felt that my baby poops a lot more than necessary, but my doctor thinks it’s unhealthy if you don’t have to change the diaper every day since it’s a sign of constipation, which can be bad for your baby.

So be glad your child is pooping all around you.

3. The Need for Speed

Get ready to run after your child whenever you’re out in the public. It’s how they’re programmed. You let them go, and they’ll be out on their own exploring the region.

4. Having to Shop

Don’t get me wrong, there are few things as exciting as shopping for a toddler. However, they grow up very fast. What you bought them today would be useless in a few months.

Most parents go for a bigger size so it could fit their child for a longer period of time. It’s a nice hack, you should try it, too.

5. When They Don’t Wanna Eat

It’s impossible to explain the importance of nutrition to a baby. Today’s children are smart, “Popeye eats spinach!” and “Don’t you wish to be a Superman?” don’t work anymore.

Parents have to find different tricks to make sure their babies get the right amount of nutrients.

6. When They Wanna Eat Everything

Babies would like to eat everything except for what they should eat. If you have had a baby you must have lost a few precious items thanks to their habit of chewing anything they can get a hold of.

My baby loves to eat my phone, for reasons he’s not able to explain to me. There are few things as scary as watching your child trying to gobble down your phone.

It cannot only cause damage to the phone but it’s also harmful to the baby.

7. When They Begin to Grow Teeth

Most babies start teething around six months. According to experts, the process can be very painful for the child, which is why they may often cry or throw tantrums.

It’s a very taxing time for the parents. They have to deal with a crying baby.

Watching your baby in pain is also not a nice thing, especially when you feel helpless.

It’s important to understand that teething is a natural process and there’s nothing you can do to reduce the pain or trouble associated with it. However, there are some toys which can reduce the discomfort and also distract your child.

Try to invest in such toys and take your baby to a doctor for tips on how to handle a teething baby.

8. Sibling Rivalries

Unless you live in China, where most parents are not allowed to have more than one child, you must be planning to have two or more children. In fact, according to the census, most American households have two children.

However, having two or more children does not always mean a happy home. It actually means sibling rivalries, which can often be very serious as well.

Most parents do not differentiate between children but it’s very hard to convince your babies that you love them equally, which is a major bone of contention between children.

Explain the concept of love and sharing to your babies to prevent your home from turning into a battleground.

There’s nothing as beautiful as being a parent, be it the first time or the nth time. The feeling you get when you hold your baby in your arms is unmatched. You want to protect them and be there for them always. However, having to deal with a baby, especially a naughty one, can be a lot of trouble.

Nevertheless, enjoy and make the most of parenthood while you can!

Have a newborn at home or soon to be newborn coming? Need some advice on how to be a good father or parent in general! We have help!

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Receive all the latest news and tips on fatherhood, family, work life, budgeting, fitness and so much more.