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Top Ford Accessories to Gift for Father’s Day

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We’ve seen it before: a sleek and sturdy truck, driven by a man who takes pride in his vehicle. As one of America’s most famous truck manufacturers, Ford builds vehicles that focus on durability and style. But if your dad’s car is Built Ford Tough, but that doesn’t mean he can’t improve it with Ford accessories.

Best Ford Accessories for Father’s Day

To make sure their customers get the most out of their cars, Ford has created a line of accessories designed to improve their experiences. On Ford Accessories’s official site, you simply put in the car’s make, model, and year to find items tailored especially to it. So, you will need to know these specifications about your dad’s car before you shop for accessories!

We’re also going to break down the accessories by car type as well. So, you’ll have an easier time shopping for Dad!


Voxx Portable Rear Seat Entertainment

Voxx Portable Rear Seat Entertainment - Ford Accessories
Ford Accessories

The Bronco is an excellent car to travel in, considering it has lots of space and is built even for rough terrain. But unless your dad plans on going by himself, he might want some ways to entertain his passengers.

The Voxx Portable Rear Seat Entertainment system will help him take the show on the road and keep everyone happy. The system features two tablets that mount to the back of the driver and passenger seats, cables for charging, and pairs of headphones. That way, the passengers can watch their favorite movies, play their favorite games, and/or listen to music, all without getting unbuckled!

And if your dad doesn’t like to bring a million electronics on a trip, here’s some good news: these tablets can be used outside the car, too! So, he can tell the passengers to leave some of their other devices at home.


Ford Accessories

Most modern Broncos come equipped with a rearview camera. Still, having a camera on your dashboard is a smart choice for drivers.

In fact, dashcams have helped drivers prove they’re not at fault when they get into accidents, securing better insurance settlements. They also provide useful information in case of break-ins or other activities that may involve the law.

So, if your dad doesn’t already have a dashcam for his Bronco, consider getting him this one. With a 140-degree view span, it captures a large amount of what happens around the vehicle. In addition, it has a motion and impact trigger system that prompts the camera to start recording when the car is parked. Then, when the car powers on again, the dashcam will send an alert to your dad to let him know about the incident.

In addition, it will film everything that happens when the car is in drive.


Satin Black Hood Scoop

Mustang 2015-2023 Satin Black Hood Scoop - Ford Accessories
Ford Accessories

There’s no doubt about it: Mustangs are one of the coolest cars Ford offers! And the statistics reflect this: both the Bronco and the Mustang are among the company’s most popular vehicles.

If your dad has a Mustang, he probably takes great pride in its appearance. The sleek exterior and expert contouring lend it a unique and modern look. But if your dad wants to personalize his Mustang, he’ll like a Satin Black Hood Scoop. This version best fits 2015-2023 Mustangs.

This panel goes on top of the hood of his car, offering some extra complexity to the car’s appearance. The neutral color matches all shades of the Mustang, ensuring it looks attractive on every vehicle.

Pet Rear Seat Cover

Mustang 2024 Pet Rear Seat Cover, Coupe Only - Not Compatible with Convertible - Ford Accessories
Ford Accessories

If your dad loves to take his pet for a spin but doesn’t want to mess up his back seats, the Pet Rear Seat Cover serves as the best of the Ford gifts. Designed for 2024 Mustangs, it’s made to fit perfectly and install easily. However, it isn’t for use in convertibles.

Further, it protects the seats from rips, stains, and scratches. So, your dad’s furry friend can lounge around in the back while keeping the seats like new.

Ford Expedition

Black Carpeted Floor Mats

Expedition 2019-2020 Black Carpeted Floor Mats, 4-Piece Set
Ford Accessories

Does your dad always require everyone to wipe off their shoes before they get into the car? If he obsesses over keeping every single inch of his Ford Expedition clean, give him these black car mats!

These 4 mats effortlessly fit 2019-2020 Expeditions. Their contouring will fit the interior of the Expeditions perfectly, and the nibs at the bottom of the mats prevent them from slipping.

Custom Sunscreen

Expedition 2018-2024 UVS 100 Custom Sunscreen - Ford Accessories
Ford Accessories

With summer approaching, it’s essential to have sun protection for your dad’s vehicle. Exposure to the sun does more than heat up the interior. In fact, repeatedly allowing a car to sit out leads to upholstery damage and dashboard cracking.

If your dad loves his Expedition but doesn’t yet have sun protection for it, consider getting him this custom sunscreen. It shields against harmful UV rays and will keep the interior of his car relatively untouched by the sun. For the perfect fit, the Expedition should have been manufactured between 2018 and 2024.

Please keep in mind: sunscreens will not prevent the interior of the car from heating up entirely. As a result, children and pets should not be left in the vehicle even when the sunscreen is up.

Help Your Dad Customize His Ford

With these products from Ford Accessories, your dad will have the opportunity to make his Ford truly his own. Whether he wants to protect his car from wear and tear or improve its appearance, giving him Ford gifts makes his car ownership easier and his road trips more enjoyable.

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Receive all the latest news and tips on fatherhood, family, work life, budgeting, fitness and so much more.