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Remote work is here to stay and can be an excellent opportunity for many graduates and career-switchers. Especially those on the hunt for “remote jobs near me” to work flexible hours in the comfort of their homes. In fact, it’s never been easier to find a remote position now that employers are willing to hire 32% more graduates.

Entry-Level Remote Jobs Near Me

With companies embracing workplace flexibility, there are “entry-level jobs near me” for everyone. In this article, we look at 5 types of entry-level jobs that are remote-friendly without previous experience. Don’t fall into the trap of positions that offer irregular hours, low wages, and short-term careers. Instead, use ZipRecruiter to spot the right opportunities 100% remotely. 

1. Social Media Managers

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In the field of digital marketing, social media plays a crucial role. A social media manager is responsible for cultivating an online following for the business accounts, posting marketing materials, and reporting social media campaigns. With an average salary of $133,000 per year, and more than 31,800 positions opening in the field until 2030, it’s safe to say that the job is not going anywhere. 

Since social media is 100% online, finding “remote jobs near me” is relatively easy. That being said, it’s even possible to find remote positions at smaller companies without prior experience or a relative degree. These jobs can be stepping stones for your future career to help you land greater opportunities in significant organizations.

2. Translators

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Translators convert text from one language to the other. Their work is usually written, so they often work remotely as contractors, freelancers, or employees for individuals or government agencies. With an average salary of $49,110 per year, they have a high earning potential depending on their specialized skill set and the languages they know. The translator positions are expected to grow 24% faster than average, with around 19,300 new jobs expected by 2030.

For a translator position, no experience is necessary. As long as you know at least two languages, you can translate documents and earn a living. In addition, you’ll be working from the computer in your home, being able to decide on your projects, rates, and schedule. So, if you’re a mid-career switcher or a graduate, you should definitely consider translation amongst entry-level jobs near me.

3. Tutors

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Tutors can teach people of any age any subject. Topics range anywhere from English to biochemistry. Especially in the post-pandemic era, tutors are in high demand. They often use video-chatting platforms to conduct their lessons and other teaching software to connect with their students. Their compensation comes in the form of payment per hour or project.

Tutoring is a stellar opportunity if you’re considering remote jobs near me. As long as you have a computer with a Wi-Fi connection and master a topic, you can share your knowledge with others. For example, you can find online tutor opportunities at ZipRecruiter and create an alert to receive new jobs directly into your inbox.

4. Freelance Writers

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Freelance writers create content for various types of media based on their area of expertise. They get paid by the project unless they work as employees in marketing firms. The average writer’s salary is $69,510 per year, and the job outlook looks quite positive, with an estimation of 12,200 new job positions in the U.S. Writers may work from anywhere, as long as they have access to a computer.

If you’re good with words and have a degree in English or communication, you can start creating content for clients. This might be in the form of blog posts, advertising copy, or even press releases. Writing definitely fits the bill for remote jobs near me for people who enjoy communicating with others.

5. Virtual Assistants

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With the rise of digital media, there’s never been a higher demand for virtual assistants. Virtual assistants are professionals that help individuals or businesses with their administrative tasks. For example, they might be taking care of bookkeeping, data entry, file organization, phone calls, or social media accounts. They create their clientele and operate as their own business independently from anywhere.

There is no need for prior experience to land a virtual assistant job. You can make it work with knowledge of Microsoft Office, understanding of social media, and good communication. Virtual assistants usually get paid by the hour, and their rates can vary anywhere from $21,372 – $64,066.

Find Remote Entry-level Jobs Near Me With ZipRecruiter

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