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Here Are the Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Mother in Law

mother's day gifts for mother in law

When we have in-laws in our lives, we want to be able to honor them with gifts when a holiday comes around. However, for a holiday like Mother’s Day, it can be hard to know what to get someone that isn’t your mother. Here are our ideas for the best Mother’s Day gifts for mother in law.

Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Mother in Law

1. Botanical Cascade Snap Tote

.Botanical Cascade snap tote

If your mother-in-law loves gorgeous handbags and totes, she’ll treasure getting a flower-themed bag even more than real flowers! The Botanical Cascade Snap Tote from Minted gives her all the space she needs to carry around her favorite keepsakes. It features eye-catching, pale pink flowers spilling down the front of the bag, printed on high-quality, 100% fabric. For enhanced security, it possesses a delicate, copper-brushed snap closure. To make it more special, Minted allows you to customize the leather tag with her name! Use code TRENDYMAMI20 to enjoy 20% off your first Minted order! 

2. Keepsake Photobook

Mom receiving photobook from child - Mixbook

When you married your spouse, you also married into a family of wonderful people filled with love, joy, and many memories. If your mother-in-law treasures time with her loved ones, gather all her favorite moments into one, eternally cherished keepsake photobook! On Mixbook’s website, all you need to do is choose your formatting, upload your photos, and arrange them onto several virtual pages. Then, once you place the order, Mixbook will print your design into a book that looks stunning on any coffee table! Get your photobook now with 50% off + free shipping with code INSPIRE50, valid until 6/30/2024.

3. Spa Gift Set

Spa gift set Spa gift for women Spa gift basket Spa gift image 1

All women need time to relax! Some of the best Mother’s Day gifts for mother in law are ones that can encourage rest and relaxation. This gift set has just that. It comes with bath bombs/shower steamers, bar soap, a face towel, a loofah, lip balm, a face mask, shea butter cream, body oil, body scrub, bath salt, and a wooden spoon.

If you’re shopping for your mother in law, chances are she’s spent a lot of time and energy raising that special someone in your life. After all, most parents invest so much of their time, resources, and energy into their kids! So, show your appreciation by finally giving her items she can use to pamper herself. You might even want to include a card with a sweet message thanking her for her hard work and sacrifice!

4. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Matte Revolution Lipstick, Main, color, PILLOW TALK MEDIUM - mother's day gifts for mother in law

When you’re thinking about the best mother in law gifts for Mother’s Day, try to think about her interests. For a mother in law that always like looking glam, why not get her a new lipstick?! This one by Charlotte Tilbury is a great choice. We love the shade Pillow Talk!

Lipstick also serves as the perfect gift for the professional woman. If your mother in law wants to feel more confident about herself at her desk or in a board meeting, this gift is the perfect choice. It shows that you see her as someone strong and confident as well as beautiful and bold!

Plus, she can wear these shades in many different settings, ranging from fancy parties to formal work dinners.

5. Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler

Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler, Aegean Navy Calypso Coast, large image number NaN Zoomed
Lilly Pulitzer

Those massive Stanleys are all the rage this year, and for good reason! Carrying around a tumbler helps people drink more water throughout the day and even makes for a good conversation starter with other tumbler fans. But not everyone adores Stanley’s bulky appearance or high price points. Plus, when filled with water, they can get heavy, making them less ideal for lugging around all day.

For a mother in law who’s always on the go, get her this cute stainless steel tumbler from Lilly Pulitzer. Her coffee or tea will stay warm all day (or cold if she prefers). Even better, it comes in a fun and unique print, allowing her to showcase her personality!

6. Cozy Blanket

Wicked Cozy Blanket
L.L. Bean

After a long day at work or running errands, most mother in laws love to unwind with a cozy blanket and a nice glass of wine or a movie. But if she doesn’t have a go-to favorite blanket yet, you have the perfect opportunity to get her one for Mother’s Day! For the ideal level of comfort, focus on finding one that’s soft and just a bit fuzzy but not so thick that she’ll end up sweating.

This gorgeous blanket perfectly complements anyone’s decor style. It’s soft surface is absolutely the best for cozying up after a long day, and it won’t get too hot even if she naps in it! And it comes in many different styles. So, if cream isn’t to her taste, one of the colors will be!

7. Oversized Orchid Earrings

Oversized Orchid Earrings, Aura Pink, large - Lilly Pulitzer
Lilly Pulitzer

What about the best Mother’s Day gifts for mother in laws who have a tropical flair? These beautiful earrings are great for a mother in law who lives somewhere warm or is always dreaming of the tropics!

Even better, she doesn’t have to physically want to go to the tropics to rock these earrings. The bold Roxie Pink color goes with a variety of outfits and will suit her well at work, fancy gatherings, or formal occasions!

8. Picture Frame

A picture is worth a thousand words! Grab a fun picture frame and fill it with a photo of a favorite memory with your mother in law! This is an easy gift that will surely bring a smile to her face.

9. Personalized Planter

Personalized Planter Gift POT ONLY New Home Gift image 1

Does your mother in law have a green thumb? Get this personalized planter customized for your mother in law! Find a fun plant to fill it with for the perfect gift for any gardener.

10. Acrylic Wine Glass Set

Acrylic Wine Glass Set, Conch Shell Pink Caning, large - Lilly Pulitzer Zoomed
Lilly Pulitzer

For a mother in law that loves wine, get her these fun patterned wine glasses! They’ll be perfect for the spring and into the summer. Include a bottle of wine with these glasses to get the party started!

And she doesn’t need to put just wine in there, either. They also pair nicely with cocktails. Or, if she avoids alcohol, a nice, sparkling water or soda looks great in them as well!

11. Personalized Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Board Personalized Serving Board with Handle Red Oak

A personalized charcuterie board makes for one of our favorite Mother’s Day gifts for mother in law! She’ll love hosting events or making the perfect spread for her family and in laws! You could even gift her some of your favorite features of a charcuterie board to go with this gift.

12. Ceramic Vase

ceramic vase

Instead of just getting a bouquet of flowers, why not get a nice ceramic vase to present them in? She’ll love the flowers, and reuse the vase again and again for all the flowers she receives.

13. Dainty Ruby Necklace

14K Gold Ruby Necklace, 14k Zirconia Ruby Heart Pendant, 14k Solid Yellow White Rose Minimal Gold Dainty Necklace for Women image 1

If your mother in law’s love for you and your spouse runs deep, capture just a bit of that love in an elegant jewelry piece? A simple necklace, such as this heart-shaped ruby, is a great gift because it can easily be worn all the time and with any outfit. It’s one that she’ll cherish and love!

Plus, it comes set in 14k gold and 14k zirconia, so it will feel beautifully luxurious whenever she wears it!

14. Outdoor Game

Yard Games Wooden Ladder Toss
L.L. Bean

Mother’s Day is during the spring, making it the perfect time to be outdoors. Give her a game she can play with everyone outside, like this wooden ladder toss game! It would be the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day if the weather is nice!

15. A Spa Day

Spa Day Gift Voucher, Christmas Gift Voucher, Mum Surprise Birthday Gift Voucher, Scratch Reveal Surprise Voucher, Surprise Trip Reveal image 1

Your mother in law has poured a lot of work into raising your spouse and supporting them throughout their life. And yes, we already recommended a spa gift set, but we believe your mother in law also deserves a professional spa day.

But unless you’re an esthetician or massage therapist, you might not know how to gift her this kind of spa day. These vouchers make it easier. You can personalize them to include where she’s getting the treatment.

16. A Sweet Treat

Mother’s Day Gift Tin Tower
Cheryl’s Cookies

Your mother in law deserves a treat as sweet as she is! And Cheryl’s Cookies makes it easier to give her these delicious bites in attractive presentations. For example, take a look at this gift tower! When she gets it, she’ll get to open box after box of delectable surprises.

More Mother’s Day Ideas

Hopefully, this list has helped you find the best Mother’s Day gifts for mother in law! If you still have shopping for your mother or your wife, we have some ideas to help you with your shopping! We have a list of ten unique gift ideas if you want to do something different this year. If you want to do something a little more sentimental, we also have gift ideas for that, too! And what about dinner? We’ve got you covered so you can plan a perfect Mother’s Day dinner!

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