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Gifts for Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything

A Woman in Yellow Sweater Holding Gift Boxes - gifts for mom who doesn't want anything

If you have a mom that insists you don’t get her anything, celebrating Mother’s Day can be a real challenge. While she might not want flashy jewelry or a trip to the spa, there are still things you can get to show your appreciation. These gifts for mom who doesn’t want anything are sentimental and meaningful, so they’re guaranteed to make her smile on this special day!

The Best Gifts for Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything

The Alaia Robe


Even if your mom says she doesn’t want anything, you know she spent many years of her life working tirelessly to keep you happy and safe. And now, it’s time for her to relax! So, give her the gift of comfort with Alaia Robe from Minted. Made with double-gauze cotton, it will feel just like a warm hug every time she pulls it on! It comes in blush, representing the gentle, fresh spirit of spring! If she prefers more autumnal colors, it also comes in rust. Use code TRENDYMAMI20 to enjoy 20% off your first Minted order! 

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Hand and Body Lotion

hand lotion
Sam’s Club



As a mother constantly juggling responsibilities, the Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Hand and Body Lotion is the epitome of luxury and self-care. Its delicate scent transports to a tranquil orchard. It also evokes the most peaceful memories. The hydrating formula nurtures the skin, a reminder to practice self-care amidst the chaos of daily life. Embodying the love and appreciation moms deserve on Mother’s Day, this is the perfect gift to pamper and rejuvenate. During this month, save on Mother’s Day gifts like this one at Sam’s Club during their Member’s Month promotion!

Buttercream Frosted Long Stemmed Cookie Flowers

Buttercream Frosted Long Stemmed Cookie Flowers®
Cheryl’s Cookies

If your mom loves fields of flowers but doesn’t like conventional gifts, why not give her a non-traditional bouquet? The Buttercream Frosted Long Stemmed Cookie Flowers from Cheryl’s Cookies combine the tastiness of masterfully crafted sweets with the beauty of springtime blooms. Frosted in yellow, white, and pink, this surprising arrangement is sure to bring a smile to your mom’s face on her special day!

A Question a Day for Self-Care

A Question A Day for Self-Care: A 3 Year Journal
Uncommon Goods

This three-year journal is a great way for mom to focus on her well-being. It contains a personal question that she can fill out every day to help her get in tune with her feelings. There are questions related to happiness, health, and, of course, family!

Moon Mission Massaging Rover and Tee

Moon Mission Massaging Rover and Tee
Uncommon Goods

If you have a toddler at home, then you know just how valuable playtime is for them! But now, mom can enjoy playtime too with this Moon Mission Massaging Rover and Tee! All she has to do is slip on this T-shirt, which includes a lunar design of paths and craters. The little one can then play with the included massage rover, giving her a massage while he does! Kids can enjoy using their imagination while moms can be treated to a nice, relaxing massage!

Personalized Flower Tumbler

Birth Flower 40oz Tumbler, Plant Mom Tumbler,Mother's Day Gift, Mothers Day Cup, Plant Lover Gift, Plant mom Cup, Custom Birth Flower image 1 - gifts for mom who doesn't want anything

This tumbler is the ideal gift for the mom who’s always on the go. Instead of a normal mug or coffee cup, she can carry her favorite beverage around in this custom birthflower tumbler! Every child or loved one will have their name printed along with a flower that corresponds to their birth month. And because the tumbler is insulated and suitable for hot or cold drinks, she can use it all year long.

Suncatcher Card

gifts for mom who doesn't want anything

This Suncatcher Card is essentially two Mother’s Day gifts in one! First, you’ll get a beautifully crafted greeting card to write your note or message. And attached to the card is a removable suncatcher made from colored acetate. She can hang it on the window and think of you every time the sun shines!

Mom Coffee Spoon

Mom Gift Mom's Coffee Spoon Hand Stamped Spoon Unique Gift For Mom From Son From Daughter Birthday Gift Mothers Day Gifts Moms Day Christmas image 1 - gifts for mom who doesn't want anything

She can start her day off on the right foot every time she makes coffee using this spoon. It’s stainless steel and stamped with the message “Mom’s Coffee Spoon.” She’ll have her very own coffee spoon that no one in the house can touch! You can order it as a teaspoon or a tablespoon (for larger lattes or macchiatos.

Hydropowered Bluetooth Speaker

Hydropower Bluetooth Shower Speaker - gifts for mom who doesn't want anything
Uncommon Goods

Does mom love to belt out her favorite tune in the shower? Then she will love this Hydropowered Bluetooth Speaker. Unlike other speakers (which run on electricity or batteries), this one is powered entirely by the flow of your shower water! It plays the entire time the water is running and can hold a charge for up to 16 hours.

Flower Tote

Fresh Cut Flowers Tote - gifts for mom who doesn't want anything
Uncommon Goods

Perfect for farmer’s markets and grocery outings, this canvas flower tote is a mom’s must-have. Designed specifically for flower bouquets, this cone-shaped bag will protect your fresh-cut flowers during transport. To really sweeten her special day, give her the bag with a bouquet of flowers already in it!

Personalized Children’s Book

Mother's Day Gift Gift For Mom First Mother's Day Gift Personalized Children's Book Super Mom Personalized Book image 1

Make story time extra special with a children’s book starring your favorite superhero – mom! Using her photo, your child can follow along on mom’s adventures as she does her daily tasks! That includes cleaning, working, resting, and taking care of the family! This is a great gift that the kids can help with as well (they can even be featured as the authors on the cover).

Eye Love Pillow

Eye Love Pillow - gifts for mom who doesn't want anything
Uncommon Goods

Our moms deserve to be pampered, and this eye pillow is just one way for them to treat themselves on Mother’s Day. Shaped like an adorable heart, it’s 100% handmade with marbled mill-end cotton and raw silk. The pillow is filled with organic flaxseed and lavender, perfect for a few blissful moments of rest and relaxation.

Brilliant Butterfly Bouquet Card

gifts for mom who doesn't want anything - butterfly bouquet

Even if your mom doesn’t want a gift, you can still give her a heartfelt card to show your appreciation. This Brilliant Butterfly Bouquet Card is especially unique, as it opens up to look like a bouquet of flowers! Adorned with colorful blooms and butterflies, this pop-up paper bouquet is long-lasting and looks great on the shelf, table, or mantel.

Painting Craft Kit

Mothers Day Paint Kit,Gift for Mom,DIY Paint Kit,Personalized Mothers Day Gift,Mom Gift,Craft Kit,Gift for Mom,Kids Painting Kit,Kids Craft image 1

Get the kiddos involved in the gift-making with this adorable Mother’s Day paint kit. You’ll receive wooden cut-out flowers with a laser-engraved message of your choice! The kit also includes everything they need to get started, including paints and brushes. Once it’s finished, Mom will have a colorful work of art that she can keep for years to come.

Bath Wine Holder

Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder - gifts for mom who doesn't want anything
Uncommon Goods

If there’s anything better than a bubble bath  – it’s a bubble bath with a glass of wine! With this wine holder, mom can enjoy bath time without worrying about spilling the cabernet or riesling. It suctions onto the tile or tub wall and can be removed after she’s done. It also comes with a plastic cup because the last thing you want is a shattered wine glass in the tub.

Your mom or wife may say that she doesn’t want anything special for Mother’s Day. But that doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate these gifts for mom who doesn’t want anything. Because, after all, Mother’s Day is all about showing how much she is loved – and you can’t put a price on that! However, gifts are just one of the many ways to make her feel special. You can also consider treating her to a home-cooked dinner instead! As long as you take the time to do something kind and remind her she’s loved, we know she’ll appreciate whatever you have planned!

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