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How Many Jobs Are Available in Energy?

Black Windmill - how many jobs are available in energy

Not sure how many jobs are available in energy? Whether you’re interested in working in the public, private, or non-profit sector, there are dozens of different types of energy jobs. And as a universal commodity, energy is an industry that is always in demand. Therefore, it’s easy to understand that many job seekers are eager to start or further pursue their careers in energy.

In this article, we’ll share some of the best positions you can find in this industry. All of these jobs, and more, you can find listed on ZipRecruiter.

Who Are Energy Jobs For?

Professionals working in energy need to possess a variety of different skills, although this will depend specifically on the role. Many jobs require a certain level of problem-solving and scientific research. Others may be more hands-on, which would need skills and certification for handling wires, solar panels, or reactors and generators.

To see the exact skills needed for the job, make sure to check out ZipRecruiter. They have thousands of energy-related jobs listed on their site. Each role should have the exact job description, along with the required skills you should possess before applying.

In addition, creating a profile on ZipRecruiter can help you find the most fulfilling role. You can upload your resume and specify what you’re looking for in a new position. Then, the platform’s technology will start matching you with roles. It will even show you how well you meet the qualifications. So, you can focus on applying to jobs you’re likely to hear back from!

Of course, you can also browse for your ideal job yourself!

How Many Jobs Are Available in Energy?

On ZipRecruiter, there are over 500,000 jobs related to energy. You can browse through their list of jobs to find the right one in your area. If energy jobs aren’t right for you, then why not consider a position in public utilities or maintenance? As one of the largest platforms for job seekers, ZipRecruiter has numerous listings in all types of industries. Check them out and find your dream job in days!

What Are Some Types of Energy Jobs?

Although it feels like a broad industry, energy jobs can be broken down into multiple different categories. Even if you don’t have previous experience in the field, there are still jobs that you can pursue. Each position and role will require different types of skills, making energy a great career for many job seekers.

1. Chemist or Scientist

Scientist Using Microscope - how many jobs are available in energy

In some roles, you may be responsible for developing new types of energy sources (ex: biofuels). Or you’ll be tasked with preparing solutions, testing new equipment, or implementing new methodologies. This could be in a power plant, chemistry lab, or generating station. Chemists and scientists should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

2. Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineers are one of the most versatile energy roles. They may be responsible for designing new processes, enhancing productivity, or organizing control systems for their companies. Generally speaking, this role requires at least a bachelor’s degree (or possibly a master’s degree) in engineering. 

3. Technician

Almost any type of industrial energy company can benefit from a skilled technician. Some common types of roles include electrician, land surveyor, HVAC installer, solar panel specialist, or wind turbine technician. These jobs tend to be more laborious and hands-on compared to other types of energy positions. While technicians may not need a university-level education, they should be certified in their position.

4. Power Plant Operator

Power plant operators may have many different daily tasks. Not only will you be in charge of operating power equipment, but you’ll also maintain procedures, review meters, and follow safety procedures. A high school-level education is required, although a university or vocational degree is often preferred.

5. Geologist

If you have a passion for history, science, and natural materials, becoming a geologist might be for you. Your job will be to understand how the environment can be sustainably used for different procedures or functions. For most entry-level geologist positions, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree.

6. Oilfield Driller

Industrial Machine during Golden Hour - how many jobs are available in energy

While working as a driller can be physically demanding, it’s a lucrative position for the right person. You’ll be running the oil rig, which requires knowledge of machinery, safety procedures, and analytic metrics. In addition, progression in this role can lead to team management. Most oilfield drilling positions aren’t required to have a university education, although you should be ready to work long and physically demanding hours.

Get Started in Energy

Ready to get started in the energy field? Energy is an electrifying field to be in, and we hope we’ve inspired you with how many jobs are available in energy. If you want to start applying, head over to ZipRecruiter. You can also look at our suggestions for finding and landing a great job!

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