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Why Am I Sweating So Much? – Beat Excessive Sweating

why am i sweating so much

Do you find yourself wondering, “Why am I sweating so much?” Unfortunately, with summer heat comes summer sweat and sometimes insomnia as a result. Luckily, there are a couple of ways that you can easily combat excessive sweating.

Below, we’ll dive into the root causes of excessive sweating. We’ll also look at some strategies to tackle the question: “why am I perspiring so much?”.

Why Am I Sweating So Much?

Having a clear understanding of why you are sweating to begin with is a good starting point. In general, we sweat to maintain proper body temperature. So if you’re wondering, “Why do I sweat so much?”, chances are, you overheat more often than not.

While it can be a medical condition, a rise in body temperature generally causes excessive sweating. Sweating serves as our body’s natural cooling mechanism. The amount that you sweat varies greatly on body size, age, muscle mass, and overall general health. Understanding this is the key to understanding how to stop sweating so much.

A lot of the times nerves make us overheat, so make sure to check in and find ways To Deal With Stress and Anxiety.

Some reasons why your body temperature might rise are:

  • Nerves
  • Exercise
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes
  • Medications
  • Ingesting spicy food

How to Stop Sweating

Have you found yourself thinking recently “why am I sweating so much?” Here are a couple of ways to combat excessive sweat.

Invest in Breathable Fabrics

why do i sweat so much

Staying cool is the name of the game to reducing sweat. So make sure that your clothes are as breathable as possible. You can also find clothes that work to wick away excessive sweat from Adidas. These will help to keep you cool and comfortable throughout any season.

Discover the best boxer briefs from Pair of Thieves— their SuperFit collection, engineered with you in mind. They’re extremely cooling and stretchy, perfect for any day. Picking out breathable shoes is just as important, so be sure to check out the Best of Adidas Shoes.

Avoid Spicy Food 

causes for excessive sweating

Spicy food raises our body’s overall temperature. Therefore, our body’s natural response is to sweat to help us cool down. If you can avoid spicy food so that you won’t have to constantly wonder “why am I sweating so much?” You can also consume a slice of plain bread or have a glass of milk to help neutralize the spiciness of your favorite foods.

You can find other flavorful products to add to your dish instead of the spicy ones. Try a delivery service like Hungryroot for produce or FreshDirect for organic food so you can stay out of the heat of the summer.

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Stay Cool and Hydrated

It’s imperative to stay cool and hydrated to reduce excess sweating. Make sure to invest in a good fan to circulate air throughout your space. This is especially important if your building or energy bill can’t afford an air conditioner.

In addition, it will also help to regularly drink cold water to help you regulate your body temperature. You can get a water bottle like a Hydro Flask to help you retain ice for longer. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy cool, relieving water even in the hot summer sun.

Don’t Forget Deodorant 

If you’re asking yourself constantly, “why am I sweating so much”, you’re likely familiar with smelly side effects of sweating too. Luckily, a high-quality deodorant can help you combat that smell. You can also make sure other areas of your body with hair smell great. Hair can hold in sweat, along with the smell, so keep these areas smelling fresh.

For counteracting sweat smell, you’ll have to find an antiperspirant. Sometimes, you can find an antiperspirant and deodorant all wrapped in one package, which is ideal for serial sweaters.


If you’re wearing deodorant or antiperspirant, it’s important to thoroughly clean the area after the fact. This way, your armpits won’t accumulate skin or dirt build-up that can contribute to the stench of sweat. Pick up this high-quality exfoliating rub from Lumin so that you can be sure that you’re fully clean.

Speak to Your Doctor

why am i sweating so much

While many of the strategies above are likely to help you slow down your sweating habits, nothing can substitute for a doctor’s advice. Because there are so many things in play, excessive sweating could be a sign of an underlying condition. Your healthcare provider should be able to provide you with advice for the best way to keep your body cool. With the right steps, you’ll no longer need to think about, “why am I sweating so much?”

Sweating is our body’s natural response to higher temperatures, but it doesn’t need to be totally uncomfortable. With the help of these quick tips, you’ll be able to combat excessive sweating with ease.

Open communication with your doctor is key in addressing excessive sweating. Platforms like Zocdoc simplify this dialogue, offering a user-friendly interface to schedule appointments. Enhancing accessibility fosters proactive healthcare, ensuring a comprehensive approach to managing perspiration concerns.

Maybe your body just needs a little TLC. Read over Why you should try the 3 Days Apple Cider Vinegar Detox.

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