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Best Shampoos to Fight Balding

By age 35, the majority of men will start losing at least some of their hair. As it turns out, baldness is a lot more common than you may think. Luckily, a good shampoo for hair loss can help you retain and hold on to your hair proactively. If you’re one to have a full beard despite balding on top, you’ll want to checkout Beard and Grooming Products That Will Keep You Looking Your Best. Below, we’ll dive into the best shampoo for hair loss men can benefit from.

1. Lumin’s Shampoo

hair loss shampoo for menThis is hands-down an excellent hair loss shampoo for men since it strengthens your hair using keratin, green tea & tea tree oil. It also helps if you are having dry and damaged scalp problems.

2. Total Men’s Haircare

Looking for an easy way to fully protect your hair with just one purchase? A men’s grooming subscription box can help you save money and get you the total package of products. We recommend checking out Birchbox for men or going with the Gentleman’s Grooming Kit. These boxes often come with styling products as well, so that you can truly put your best foot forward when stepping out on the town.

3. Stimulating Shampoo

This stimulating shampoo sold by HSN is packed with caffeine to effectively promote hair growth. The shampoo is made entirely in the USA and is perfect for both men and women. Users were impressed with how quickly this shampoo works and left their hair feeling shiny, strong, and thick. Check out HSN to score the best deals on their products at the Clearance Store. See what’s recently been marked down to clearance prices on

Also, you can also try the supplements from Nutrafol, these supplements are made with natural ingredients that aim to improve hair growth and thickness from the inside out. Its blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs supports hair health and may be a helpful addition to a hair care routine.

4. Hims

shampoo for hair loss menHims is another medically-backed company dedicated to reducing and preventing male-pattern baldness. Their treatment plans provide you with hair loss shampoo for men, vitamins, medication, or a topical solution depending on your individual needs. You’ll get a consultation with a doctor with your subscription, with the products delivered directly to your doorstep. 

For many, it’s easier to make a store run and pick things out for themselves. In this case, your local Target store should have the Hims brand products in stock, as well as any other men’s products. Shop online with Target or browse their shelves in-store to find this and other hair-care products!

5. Density Shampoo

good shampoo for hair lossThis density shampoo by Hairmax is a great hair loss shampoo for men. The pH-balanced shampoo is full of bioactive ingredients made to keep your hair feeling full and fresh. Plus, the shampoo is extremely gentle since it’s made without the use of sulfate, silicone, or parabens. This is a great all-around shampoo that everyone in the household can benefit from. 

6. Bumble and bumble Thickening Shampoo

Thickening shampoo from won’t just help you prevent hair loss, but it also leaves your hair feeling fuller, softer, and full of life. It also protects your hair from harmful UV rays and heat so your hair can be fully covered throughout the day. 

Complement your hair care regimen with holistic support from PlushCare, their telehealth platform connects you with experts who can provide insights into potential underlying factors contributing to hair health, ensuring a well-rounded approach.

7. Aveda Strengthening Shampoo

This shampoo strengthens your hair with ease and is great for any hair type. It’s full of natural ingredients like Vitamin E and peppermint oil to keep your hair looking and feeling its best. The organic shampoo is super gentle and made without sulfates or parabens so that your hair will stay strong and healthy. 


8. Purador Shampoo and Conditioner

hair loss shampoo for menRegarded as a miracle product for many, this shampoo and conditioner set is perfect for anyone looking to strengthen their hair and stimulate hair growth. This vegan hair product is made in the USA and is built with protective natural ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, and biotin to keep your hair looking its very best. This product is great for both men and women with its versatile, strengthening formula. 

9. Supplements

While finding a hair loss shampoo for men is important, you’ll also want to treat your baldness with a medically-backed product. There are plenty of supplements out there like biotin which strengthens hair, nails, and skin. Supplements specifically for hair loss, like the
Viviscal Promotes Hair Growth Clinically Proven Dietary Supplement, exist to target balding spots. It will stimulate new growth and contains biotin. 

Also, make sure you’re using styling products that aren’t too harsh on your hair. The styling gel from Dollar Shave Club is an excellent, gentle pick that’s perfect for everyday use. Despite having some hair loss, you may also need to trim the growth at times. Opt for one of the Best Clippers for Men instead of spending money at the barber.

Hair loss is somewhat inevitable for most people and is a completely natural process. Despite that, you can do something about it. Use one of these hair loss shampoos to start improving your haircare for the better. If you’re all for improving your look in other way, including your style, you’ll want to read about some fashion trend tips for men or ways super foods that will help with weight loss

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