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Last Minute Christmas Gifts That Feel Very Planned

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

For some people, Christmas shopping might already be underway. However, others may end up finding themselves in the position of having to secure last minute gifts. Typically, people can tell when their gift was an afterthought. That said, below is a guide to last minute Christmas gifts that feel very thought out. 

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A Good Night Sleep

If you know someone who struggles to get some shut eye at night, why not give them a gift that helps them reclaim their rest? Hatch Restore is an all in one smart sleep device that combines thoughtful wake and sleep features so your loved one can customize their best sleep routines. Your loved one can browse a robust ever growing sound library, select the best wind-down and sound machines content for their needs, and then wake to a gentle sunrise alarm. So, they can enjoy a better, more restful sleep that allows them to wake up feeling more refreshed each day!

A Delicious Christmas Dinner

Omaha Steaks Boneless New York Strips - Christmas Dinner Packages

Have a few people on your list you still need to buy for? Omaha Steaks has something for everyone! If there’s a steak-lover in your life, get them the Butcher’s Cut Filet Mignons. Pair them with Stuffed Baked Potatoes or a variety of other sides, and then top it all off with a holiday favorite, the Chocolate Peppermint Mousse Cake. If you’re loved ones aren’t big fans of steak, don’t worry. Omaha Steaks also has other mouthwatering meats!

Thinking Inside the Box

Last Minute Christmas Gifts wife

Things have been pretty tough for a lot of people this year, so this thoughtful Wellness Subscription Box gift is a great way of saying that you care when looking for a last minute gift. 

A Basket of Goodness

Finding last minute gifts that are still extremely meaningful to the receiver can be a bit of a challenge. But if you know all of their favorite foods, beverages and such during the holiday season, consider gifting them a gift basket full of delight from Hickory Farms!

On the Case

Last Minute Christmas Gifts wife

With remote working very much the norm nowadays, our laptops and tablets are more important than ever. Surprise a friend or family member with one of these stylish, personalized laptop or tablet cases if you’re looking to impress with a last minute gift. 

The Knit Pick

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

For many people this winter, staying in will most definitely be the norm, especially due to pandemic restrictions. This super-cozy, chunky blanket makes a great last minute gift for the home lover and can be delivered to your door in a couple of days. 

Photo Finish

Last Minute Christmas Gifts ideasThe key to last minute Christmas gifts that feel very planned is to show the thought behind the gift. For example, you want to show that you’ve thought about the recipient and his or her interests. An autographed photo or print of their favorite movie star or sports person will have them convinced that you’ve spent tons of time choosing this special gift.  

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Glass Half Full

For the whiskey lover, this classy decanter and glass set will take front and center in the drinks cabinet – and the fact that it’s monogrammed will convince your loved one that a great deal of time and effort has gone into this wonderful gift. 

A Tipple or Two

Last Minute Christmas Gifts ideas

A wine club membership is a perfect present for a friend or family member with a love of wine. Thoughtful and generous, they’ll think of you every time they sip a glass of Cabernet or Chardonnay. 

Fabulous Floss

For the loved one who has missed getting out to fairs and other events this year, this cotton candy machine is a sweet gift that’s sure to impress. 

Sweet Surprise

Last Minute Christmas Gifts ideas

Sticking with the sweet tooth theme, why not treat that special someone to a personalized box of candy from the premier chocolatier, See’s Candies? You’ll get extra brownie points if you know their favorite filling or flavor. 



Gourmet Christmas Dipped Strawberries™
Shari’s Berries

Deck the halls with sweet treats this holiday season. Gift your loved ones all the sweetness they deserve with Shari’s Berries. Make the season merry, bright and gourmet. Find the perfect Christmas chocolate treat!

Keep It in the Family

Custom family portrait with children and grandparents

These fantastic cartoon family portraits are picture-perfect for a unique last minute gift this festive season. 

To a Tee

For last minute gifts ideas for your wife, a Tee that you’ve designed yourself will almost certainly keep you in her good books for quite some time. Why not try using a treasured photograph or favorite phrase to make it extra special? 

Happy Gifting!

In an ideal world, we’d have all the time we need to plan the perfect present. Sadly, that’s rarely the case. But by taking inspiration from this guide, that last minute gift can be a winner every time. Once, you’ve picked out a gift, you’ll have plenty of time for Christmas Activities to Bring Cheer to Your Winter or for a movie from Top Classic Christmas Movies for The Whole Family to Enjoy. Just make sure the menu for Christmas is planned, for inspiration check out Classic Christmas Dishes You Should Have At Your Dinner Table. Merry Christmas!

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