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Part of being a father is having the responsibility to offer up sound advice to your kids as they start to grow older. Simply enough, when they were young, all you had to do was to remind them to chew their food longer so they wouldn’t choke. After that, you might give them tips on how to add and subtract. But then it became a little more difficult.

There is not much scarier in this world than taking your son or daughter out for driving lessons when they are 15 years old. It is frightening in a couple ways. One is that they are soon going to be out driving on busy roads without you at their side. This same kid that used to stick LEGO up his/her nose is going to be in charge of operating a two-ton vehicle.

The other disturbing fact is that they are growing up so quickly that soon they won’t be living under your roof anymore. You won’t be able to check on them as they are sleeping or watch a late night movie with them on the weekend. It is amazing how scared you were when they first came home from the hospital and weren’t sure you knew enough to take care of them, and now you don’t want to let them go.

Love and Marriage

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Nothing can make you tear up quicker than imagining your daughter walking down the aisle and realizing she has a new man in her life that will soon replace you to a degree. No longer will she call you up to fix a flat tire or ask for your advice on home improvement topics. Thinking of your son getting married is just as tough. It’s like when you were a kid and your best friend moved away. They always say that getting married is one of the most stressful times of your life, but it is no picnic either when your son or daughter gets married either.

Marriage Advice for Your Kids

As a father, it is up to you to impart wisdom to your kids. Perhaps no other time will they need it as much as when one of them decides to get married. Below are a few key pieces of advice to bestow upon your offspring before they walk down the aisle.

Put Your Spouse First

As much as it may kill you to say it, ask them to always put their spouse first over everything else. Just be certain to add that you still need to be a close second.

Don’t Be So Concerned About Being Right All the Time

Marriage is a give and take. No one wants to be bossed around all the time in a marriage. Remember your spouse is not your personal assistant!

Don’t Forget Your Friends

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Those friends that you have had for a lifetime should not just be forgotten overnight. In fact, they shouldn’t be forgotten at all. Keep them in your daily life. A married couple does not have to spend every moment with each other, also friends offer a great escape should you need one.

Keep Your Sense of Humor

If laughter does not permeate through your marriage, then it means that you are not having fun. While marriage is not always about smiles and laughter, it does make the whole thing much easier in the long run.

Try Not to Suffocate Each Other

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I don’t mean with your pillow as they are sleeping, but rather give them time to invest in their own hobbies and work. Cell phones have made it so you can keep in constant contact with everyone throughout the day and night. Give the phone a rest every now and then and let your spouse get their work done.  Remember, trust trumps everything in a marriage!

Let Them Know They Can Always Turn to You

Part of being a father is knowing when to bow out and when to step back in and help right the situation. Just because your son or daughter is married doesn’t mean that you can’t be active in their lives still. If they are ever in a situation where they need you, let them know that you will be there at a moment’s notice.

Learn to Forgive and Forget

Explain to your child that all marriages go through rough patches. It takes a strong person to forgive and forget, but that is what is needed when you are married. It’s not easy to do, and that is part of the reason why half of marriages end in divorce, but make the effort and try your best.