Transportation - Alternative transportation methods

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The country is pushing for alternate modes of transportation (like electric scooters or bikes) with more and more bike paths being built and sidewalks being widened. Community shuttle buses are taking over in cities where car congestion and parking (or lack thereof) has reached a critical mass.  And if you haven’t been on a public bus since high school, you may actually be pleasantly surprised.

A car can cost a fortune to run right, have on the roads and own in general. That’s why leaving the car at home makes a whole lot of financial and environmental sense if you can manage it. We’ve listed below 9 alternative transportation methods other than buying a car.

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1. Walking

You’d be surprised at how much faster you can get to where you want to go by walking, especially in areas where cars are victims to crawling rush-hour traffic, road works, and finding a parking spot. On foot, you never have to worry about getting stuck behind a city bus making frequent stops, or your car overheating in stop-and-go traffic, and you don’t have to dig for quarters, provided you’re lucky enough to find a metered spot. Walking will also give you your exercise for the day and save you tons on a gym membership. Get your Fitbit ready because that step count is going to skyrocket.


2. Biking

Alternative transportation method - Bike

Forget about gas and get pedaling! Biking as a mode of transportation has become extremely popular with an average annual operating cost of a bicycle being $390. Compare that to a car, an average annual operating cost of $10,259, and you have yourself a way to save some serious dough. Biking is so much better for your health, it’ll save you bucket loads of money and the kids will love riding beside you.

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3. Scooter

You may be surprised to know that gas powered scooters can get up to 100 mpg and with gas prices sitting around $3 a gallon, this alternate form of transportation is extremely tempting. Parking is a breeze with these bad boys and scooters can cost one-fifth of what a car does.

4. Electric Scooters

Alternative transportation method - Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are extremely popular with kids these days and on the right terrain, you’ll find adults running a quick errand too on these puppies. Benefits of electric scooters include that they are inexpensive, lightweight and, in many cases, foldable. They can go up to approximately 10 miles per hour (about the speed of a bike). You can expect a distance that takes ten minutes to walk to take about three minutes on an electric scooter.


5. Rollerblades

We’re taking it way back with this method. Many people prefer rollerblades to electric scooters since they are more portable and provide a decent workout. The downside to rollerblades is the hassle of getting the suckers off once you reach your destination as places like stores, restaurants and movie theaters, don’t approve of rollerblading. Grabbing helmets and as much padding as you can find is great for you and the kids. Safety first.

6. Boarding

With boarding comes skateboards and longboards. Skateboards are more for tricks and entertainment, where as longboards are for transportation and they are becoming extremely popular as an eco-friendly and green mode of transportation for many ex-skateboarders. Longboards are more stable and maneuverable than traditional skateboards due to their longer, wider decks. One of their greatest pros is that you can pick it up and walk at any time, like when you hop on public transportation. The kids will love this pick!


7. Transportation Method: E-bike

Alternative transportation method - Electric bike

Now we know you know what a bike is, but have you heard of an e-bike? An e-bike, an electric bike, is a regular bicycle with an electric motor that assists with pedaling, particularly when riding up hills. In many cities around the globe, electric bikes are becoming the main mode of transportation for 5 to 15km trips. They’re agile, fairly inexpensive, and may even improve your overall health and mobility.

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8. Transportation Method: Boosted Board

Alternative transportation method - Boosted Board

Boosted is an American manufacturer of electric skateboards and electric scooters based in Cali. With a Boosted board (electric skateboard), you’ll get good range and speed. Speed is important, not just for fun, but because you need that speed to get around obstacles in a hurry. A Boosted board will cost you compared to our other options, however if you can afford it, it’s an excellent and fun mode of transportation.

9. Transportation Method: Onewheel

Alternative transportation method - One wheel

And for another Cali classic, a Onewheel. A Onewheel is a self-balancing electric skateboard. Fancy right? But it’s not too fancy, we promise. Here are the pros: easy to control, perfect for all types of surfaces, affordable, long lasting batteries, lightweight, water resistant and you can choose from a range of colors and designs.

Now that you have 9 new methods of transportation available, there’s no excuse to jump in your car for a few lousy miles, right? We hope you enjoyed our article on the best/top alternative transportation methods other than buying a car. Happy trails for you and the family.

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