snow gear for the whole family

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The best way to ensure that you and your family have as much fun as possible in the snowy outdoors is to have all the winter and snow essentials. Make sure you have the right clothes, toys, and gear to make it that much more enjoyable! But, safety has to be a priority when it comes to snow, as it can get dangerous just walking around your house. Lowe’s has some of the top snow equipment that will help keep your family from hurting themselves on ice, snow, or sleet. 

Pick up a few items from the list of winter essentials below. Each of them is guaranteed to make your winter activities all the more fun and comfortable. Whether you need the appropriate snow clothing, some accessories to make your snow forts or snowmen more complete, or something that will allow you to go snowboarding or snow tubing, we picked out the goods for you! 

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So without further ado, here are the most fun and essential snow gear for the whole family.

1. Yukon Charlies Advanced Snowshoe

Snow Gear - Yukon Charlies Advanced Snowshoe

When the snow is too thick for regular shoes or boots, a pair of these high quality snowshoes will really come in handy, especially when hiking.

2. Smith Mission MIPS Helmet

Snow Gear - ILM Ski Helmet Snowboard Snow Sports Sled Skate Outdoor Recreation Gear for Men Women ASTM Certified

No one should ever go snowboarding or skiing without proper head protection. Smith Mission’s ski helmet is a fantastic and affordable choice that comes with luxurious ear pads and durable shock absorption.

3. Flexible Flyer Commercial Park Snow Tube

Not only is this snow tube wear-resistant and freeze-proof but it’s made out of very thick materials. This makes it not only durable but comfortable and stable when speeding down a snowy hill. Its large size makes it an excellent fit for children and adults.


4. Build-A-Snowman Kit – Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

What’s a winter holiday without the classic pass-time of building a snowman? Perfect your snowmen this season with this decorating kit complete with a hat and scarf, as well as buttons and a carrot nose!

6. Klymit KSB 20 Down Sleeping Bag


If you plan on going camping in the cold season then a hydrophobic sleeping bag will be a must have item. This sleeping bag keeps out moisture and traps in heat so you can be snug and warm even during cold nights.

7. Snow Screamer Foam Sled

Paricon Snow Screamer Foam Sled

This large 47” sled is not only lightweight but perfectly sized for two people to traverse snowy hills and woods together.

8. Airhead Scoot Snow Scooter – Blue/Lime

Think of a snow tube but with more control at your fingertips. Fun for the whole family, this ski scooter can be used for going both uphill and downhill.

9. Kamik NationPro Winter Boots

Snow Gear - Kamik Men's Nationplus Boot

There’s no reason why dad can’t be properly dressed while going out with the family. These stylish and practical winter boots are rustproof and properly insulated so you can most effectively enjoy your snowy activities.

10. Sno Storm Battle Kit

Snow Gear - Sno Storm Snow Battle Kit

Complete with very cool looking shields and a snowball maker, the entire family will be able to have a snowball fight that isn’t only convenient and safe, but stylish and thrilling.

Hopefully you already have some idea of how you’ll be spending your winter season outdoors, so we hope that some of these toys and gear will only improve your snowy activities. Have a happy holidays and have fun!

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