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One consistent challenge plagues every job-seeker: standing out among those extensive piles of resumes. The recruiter may only spend a few seconds on each before making a decision. Knowing these resume skills examples will help you get the hiring manager’s attention.

Resume Skills Examples That Will Make You Stand Out

Perfecting your resume is a must if you want to remain competitive in the job market. On average, each job hunter is up against hundreds of other applicants. You have no idea what their skills are, so you need to know how to present your skills well. Visit ZipRecruiter to get a let up on the competition!

1. Look at the Requirements of the Position

resume skills examples

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Then, take a look at your resume. Think about the skills you have that match each job’s requirements. Spotlighting these on your resume will increase your chances of hearing back from the employer!

And don’t forget about the cover letter! These letters allow you to introduce yourself to the hiring manager. Highlighting your skills on both the resume and cover letter can help you stand out.

2. List Your Experience First

resume skills examples

The hiring manager will want to know about your most recent experience first. So, you should put it at the top of your resume, right under your name and contact information.

If you just graduated college, begin with information about your education. Highlight what you studied and any particular skills you gained. For example:

  • Research skills
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Problem-solving

People who haven’t just graduated should list their work experience first. Start with your most recent job. When you list your experience, focus on how you helped your company grow.

2. Make It Easy to Read

resume skills examples

A busy professional recruiter or hiring manager doesn’t want to have to take the time to figure out what you’re trying to say. As such, you should try to make your copy as easy to read as possible!

You can do this in several ways. First, remember that white space matters. The more white space you have on the page, the easier it is for the brain to process information.

You can add more white space to the page by using bullet points instead of paragraphs. Succinct, to-the-point sentences will help the hiring manager parse out what you’re saying in just a few seconds!

The most successful resumes don’t go longer than 1 page, either. As such, it pays off to condense your experience as much as possible!

3. Highlight Growth

resume skills examples

Here’s the main thing employers want to know: how you can help them grow.

So, when you start writing about your skills, pull out the numbers. Tell the hiring manager about how many clients you brought in for the company or the exact size of the impact you made. This will help you stand out because the company will know you have a track record of success! Some examples include:

  • Can help increase output
  • Create compelling content
  • First in customer satisfaction

If you mention something in your resume, make sure you can back it up. The hiring manager could call your employer and ask them if you really accomplished that much.

This could work in your favor, though. If you’re telling the truth, you’ll make a positive impression on the company!

4. Use Action Verbs

resume skills examples

Starting your sentences with action verbs communicates that you take initiative. To demonstrate how this works, take a look at the following example:

  • No action verbs at the beginning:

I was in charge of a team that increased the profit margins of the company by 20%.

  • With action verbs:

Headed up a team that increased the profit margins of the company by 20%.

Both examples convey the same information. However, the second example starts off with an action phrase, “headed up.” This emphasizes the work you put into the team. It also communicates a proactive work ethic, which employers find desirable.

5. Sharpen Your Writing

resume skills examples

When considering how to list skills on a resume, you shouldn’t overlook your writing style.

For resumes, it’s best to keep your tone professional. Write as if you are speaking to a business professional (because you are!). Have another person look it over and tell you if you’ve made any spelling or grammatical errors. Even better, ask them to tell you if they think you could improve the wording. They might catch something that you didn’t!

Expand Your Knowledge

Now that you have some resume skills examples, you need to keep expanding your knowledge. Visit ZipRecruiter to find open jobs in your field and scope out the best options for when you’re ready to start applying!

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