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Vintage Style Clothing for Men

If you’re looking to channel a classic look, vintage style clothing for men serves as the perfect option. But did you know that looking vintage involves more than just donning a top hat and a trenchcoat?

Below, we’ll show you some of our favorite clothes for the classic-style man!

Best Vintage Style Clothing for Men

When it comes to fashionable vintage style clothing for men, HEYDUDE is a site we don’t want to gatekeep. Not only are their pieces timeless and modern, but they have exclusive collaborations with talented artists.

For example, take their apparel collaboration with Jess Mudgett, an artist originally hailing from Colorado. Known for his tattoo-style India ink illustrations, this product line is inspired by the open road and high desert mountains.

His designs with HEYDUDE are truly one-of-a-kind, giving you wearable art that represents your unique style and personality. You’ll find hats, hoodies, and graphic tees that look and feel great at the same time. We picked out a few of our favorite pieces from the vintage inspired men’s clothing collection that we know you’ll love.  

Graphic Hoodies


The Horseshoe Hoodie is super-soft and features the iconic HEYDUDE logo (but with a vintage artistic spin from Jess). In addition to the main graphic on the chest, you’ll also find the logo on the right sleeve.

In addition to the HEYDUDE logo, Jess has also designed two other hoodies. The Scroll Hoodie showcases the beauty of night and nature with a cool mountain and beach print. There’s also the Cactus Hoodie, which features a design based on a mountainous desert landscape.

Arch Tee

Jess Mudgett Arch Tee - Cream

If you like the design of the Cactus Hoodie, then you’ll love the Arch Tee. With a similar color scheme as the hoodie, it’s one of our favorite pieces of vintage inspired men’s clothing on HEYDUDE. But instead of a desert-inspired design, it features an illustration of the ocean, mountains, and sunset!

Shell Tee

vintage clothing for men

If you like mint, this is the t-shirt for you! Take advantage of the last of the summer vibes and channel the beach with this piece.

Whale Tee

Jess Mudgett Whale Tee - Blue Jean - vintage clothing for men

As one of our favorite vintage tees from HEYDUDE, the Whale Tee is a classic closet staple. We love the contrast of the white and orange ink printed on the blue fabric (looks great with a pair of jeans). And the vintage diving whale and flower graphic is truly a piece of art!

Hat and Feather Tee

vintage style clothing for men

This tee is designed especially for travelers, wanderers, or anyone with an adventurous spirit! It has a print of Jess’s vintage cowboy hat design (printed in white ink on a black shirt). As with all the other tees, the Hat and Feather Tee is short-sleeved, made with cotton, and has a round neck.

Arch Trucker Hat

Jess Mudgett Arch Trucker - Dark Brown

Looking to add a vintage cap to your collection? HEYDUDE has some awesome trucker hats in addition to their vintage inspired men’s clothing.

If you like the Arch design from the shirt above, then you can get it embroidered on a hat. Choose from dark brown, dusty pink, or navy. Ideal for wearing to the beach, out hiking, or anywhere you need protection from the sun!

Cord Cap

Jess Mudgett White Cord Cap - Khaki

For a more vintage look, check out the embroidery on these cord caps. Made from plush corduroy, these hats have an elegant but retro vibe. They also have an embroidered patch featuring the diving whale and flower design, as well as the HEYDUDE logo. Best of all, it comes in three colors (rust, olive, or khaki), so you can pick whichever one suits your style best.


Jess Mudgett Cactus Beanie - Black

If you’re more of a beanie guy, then HEYDUDE also has a cap for you, too! The minimalistic beanie only has a small HEYDUDE label stitched on the cuff. And because of the rolled design, you can adjust the height for the perfect fit. You can’t go wrong with the black beanie, although we love the stone and teal colors if you’re aiming for a softer look.

Improve Your Wardrobe with Vintage Clothes  

Vintage style clothing for men is a trend that will never go out of style. These items from HEYDUDE are comfortable for travel but also casual enough to wear every day. And with their fun, nature-inspired prints, we guarantee it will bring out the adventurer in everyone!

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