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Why You Should Hire Military Veterans

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As a company, you should seriously think about how to hire military veterans. That’s because there are specific skills that veterans bring to the workforce. Generally speaking, a good candidate is well-rounded in both their professional and personal life. Further, people with a military background bring a diverse and robust skillset to the table.

When it comes time to the process to hire military veterans, use ZipRecruiter. Job seekers who identify as veterans can add a veteran badge to their profile. This makes it easier for you to identify and hire veterans for your open roles!

7 Reasons to Hire Military Veterans

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If you’re thinking about hiring military veterans, you should create a company account on ZipRecruiter. This platform serves as the top-rated job search service in the United States. In fact, most employers who look for candidates on this platform get qualified candidates within 24 hours!

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1. Veterans Have Entrepreneurial Mindsets  

Looking for a self-starter and go-getter? Veterans come equipped with the skills many business owners find valuable. In fact, their abilities to think fast and solve problems makes them a valuable addition to any team. Plus, they set high goals for themselves, meaning you can trust them to always deliver high results.

2. Veterans Are Organized

It’s no surprise that being in the military makes you more organized. And thankfully, many veterans bring this straight into the workforce. They’re good at time management, setting goals, and working under pressure. Not to mention, they pay strong attention to detail, which translates to a higher quality of work.

3. Veterans Are Trustworthy

People who undergo military training learn about the importance of integrity. Without trust from your teammates, superiors, or colleagues, it’s hard to get very far in work or in life! This attitude makes them great employees and great people to work with.

4. Veterans Are Flexible

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After a few years in the military, you’re prepared to handle whatever gets thrown your way. This makes military veterans very adept at dealing with ever-changing situations. When plans or projects go awry, they’re able to transfer their skills to work toward a new solution.

This skill is especially important for start-ups or tech positions (so keep that in mind if you’re using ZipRecruiter to hire!). In an industry that’s evolving at lightning speed, you’ll be glad you hired someone who can keep up with the pace.

5. Veterans Are Resilient

Failure isn’t a sign of weakness. Instead of hanging their heads and giving up, veterans know that hardship only makes them stronger. Having a high level of resilience means they can bounce back faster than other employees. In addition, they are more likely to learn from their mistakes and apply that knowledge to any future endeavors.

6. Veterans Are Team Players

In the military, good communication sometimes serves as the difference between life and death. As such, many veterans are excellent team players. Not only do they exhibit team-building skills (defining goals and developing plans), but they also excel in group environments. So, if you’re required to work with a military veteran, you can guarantee that they’ll pull their weight!

7. Veterans Are Leaders

Being a leader doesn’t mean you have to work in a management position. Leadership skills are crucial to all aspects of work, even if you’re the only one working on a project. And many veterans have very strong leadership skills that they have learned during their time in the military.

This means they are focused, determined, and responsible. They also place a strong importance on relationship building and conflict management, which is vital to any organization.

Begin to Hire Military Veterans

Making the decision to hire military veterans is a good move for many companies. Not only will you reduce churn, but you’ll benefit from a hard-working and dedicated employee! So, if you’re ready to start the hiring process, create your first listing with ZipRecruiter. To help you get started, learn how to write a compelling advertisement to attract as many qualified job seekers as possible.

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