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Beach Gear for Family Vacations – 10 Essential Items

family beach vacation

Family vacations are all about creating lasting memories and enjoying quality time together. Whether you’re headed to the beach, a lakeside cabin, or a tropical resort, having the right beach gear can make a big difference in ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone. From towels and beach chairs to toys and accessories, we’ve compiled a list of 10 essential items of beach gear for family vacations.

Beach Gear for Family Vacations

1. Striped Beach Towel Bundle

2pk Striped Beach Towel Bundle Watermelon/Red - Sun Squad™, image 1 of 11 slides

No family beach outing is complete without a set of colorful and absorbent towels. The 2-pack Striped Beach Towel Bundle in watermelon red by Sun Squad™ is a fantastic choice. These towels are large enough to comfortably accommodate the whole family and are made from soft and quick-drying material. They’ll keep you dry after a dip in the water and provide a cozy spot for lounging on the sand.

2. 5-Position Beach Chair

5 Position Beach Chair Tropical Floral Print - Sun Squad™, image 1 of 12 slides

When it comes to relaxation, a comfortable beach chair is a must-have. The 5-Position Beach Chair in a tropical floral print, also by Sun Squad™, is not only stylish but also adjustable to five different positions. This chair offers excellent support for both kids and adults, ensuring optimal comfort as you soak up the sun or enjoy a captivating beach read.

3. Classic Beach Ball

14" Classic Beach Ball - Sun Squad™, image 1 of 8 slides

The Classic Beach Ball is a timeless accessory that adds fun and excitement to any beach day. This 14″ ball by Sun Squad™ is perfect for friendly games of catch or volleyball in the water. It’s lightweight, easy to inflate, and its vibrant colors will make it easy to spot amidst the waves.

4. Shark Kids Hooded Beach Towel

Shark Kids Hooded Beach Towel - Sun Squad™, image 1 of 10 slides

Kids will adore the Shark Kids Hooded Beach Towel by Sun Squad™. This towel features an adorable shark design with a hood, making it both functional and playful. Not only will it keep your little ones cozy and dry, but it also doubles as a costume for imaginative beach adventures.

5. Bogg Bag Original

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Carrying all your beach essentials can be a challenge, but the Bogg Bag Original is up to the task. This stylish and durable tote bag comes in various colors, such as the vibrant “Green With Envy.” It’s water-resistant, easy to clean, and has plenty of space to hold towels, toys, snacks, and more. Plus, its sturdy construction ensures it won’t tip over and spill its contents.

6. Spikeball Water Spikebuoy Set

Dick’s Sporting Goods

For families who enjoy active beach games, the Spikeball Water Spikebuoy Set is a fantastic option. This game combines elements of volleyball and four-square, providing hours of competitive fun. The set includes a portable net, a ball, and a buoy for playing in the water, adding an exciting twist to traditional beach activities.

7. Sun Ninja 8-Person Beach Tent

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Sometimes, you need a break from the sun’s rays. The Sun Ninja 8-Person Beach Tent offers a spacious and shady refuge for the whole family. With its easy setup, durable construction, and UPF 50+ protection, this beach tent is ideal for relaxing, napping, or enjoying a picnic away from the heat.

8. Emsco Group Dune Spoons Beach Diggers

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Building sandcastles and digging holes in the sand are classic beach activities that kids love. The Emsco Group Dune Spoons Beach Diggers are sturdy, brightly colored tools designed specifically for little hands. These diggers will enhance your children’s beach experience, sparking their creativity and inspiring imaginative play.

9. Sierra Designs Deluxe Beach Wagon

Sierra Designs - Deluxe Beach Wagon? - Blue

Transporting your beach gear from the car to your spot on the sand can be a hassle, especially when you have little ones in tow. The Sierra Designs Deluxe Beach Wagon is a lifesaver in such situations. This collapsible wagon features all-terrain wheels, a sturdy frame, and ample storage space. It effortlessly carries chairs, umbrellas, toys, and everything else you need for a fantastic day at the beach.

10. Sunday Afternoons Play Hats (Kids)

Sunday Afternoons - Play Hat - Kids' - Beach Day

Protecting your family’s skin from the sun’s harmful rays is crucial during beach vacations. The Sunday Afternoons Play Hats for kids are stylish, comfortable, and provide excellent sun protection. Available in various colors, these hats feature UPF 50+ sun protection, moisture-wicking sweatbands, and an adjustable fit to keep your little ones safe and stylish all day long.

Enjoy the Sun

When it comes to family vacations, having the right beach gear can significantly enhance your beach experience. From comfortable beach chairs and absorbent towels to fun toys and practical accessories, these 10 essential beach gear items will ensure that your family has a fantastic and memorable time together. So pack your bags, grab your gear, and get ready for a wonderful vacation full of sun, sand, and quality family time.

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