Best Camping games to play with you kids

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Most inexperienced campers that have children mistakenly believe that the kids will be satisfied with campfire songs and roasting hot dogs. However, that is not the case. Nothing will ruin a night of roughing it in the wild like a kid complaining that there is nothing to do. It takes more than making a few s’mores and an amazing singing voice to keep the kids happy and occupied. And you can’t very well send them out into the dark woods to gather firewood for a couple of hours for the fire. Listed below are a few camping games to remember for your next family camping trip.

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camping game ideas - scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt

This game is by far one of the most known camping games. This game is best played while there is still plenty of sunlight available so you don’t lose a kid in the dark. Nothing is harder to explain to your wife that you lost her child on a scavenger hunt. Compile a list for each child of various items they must fine while camping. It can consist of easy items like an oak tree leaf or something much harder such as a find a rock that is shaped like an arrowhead. Also be sure to bring all your gear with you, there are great stores like Backcountry, Evo, and Sportsman’s Warehouse that can get you all ready to go for this camping trips scavanger hunt!

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Too many kids have never played horseshoes in their lives. In fact, most mistakenly believe horseshoes are a type of shoes to slip on a horse’s feet. Go with this rubber horseshoe set that is completely portable so if their throws get a bit out of control, nobody is going to be going to the hospital.

camping games- explore the great outdoors with binoculars

Sightseeing in Nature

Give a kid a good pair of binoculars out in the wilderness and there is a strong chance that they will be busy for the next hour or two. Too many kids’ binoculars are made cheaply and really don’t extend a person’s vision all that much. Too many adult binoculars are way too expensive and fragile to bestow upon a child. However, this pair of binoculars is rugged enough to take abuse and will provide plenty of magnification making them the perfect pair of binoculars for your camping trip.

Capture the Flag with a Compass

This glow in the dark capture the flag set is one of the best camping games to play for an hour or so after it becomes a little dark out. Of course, it is important to have an adult paired up with a kid so you don’t end up coming home with fewer children than you left with. To make it fun and educational, incorporate a compass with the search for the flag. If you tell the kids that the flag is northeast of where they are currently at, that gives them a reason to learn how to use the compass properly.

camping games - tell stories around the fire place with story book

The Campfire Book

When the time comes at night where all of you are sitting around the campfire, don’t be left emptyhanded and twiddling your thumbs. This campfire book will give you songs to sing, stories to tell, and games to play. And you can do all of these in front of the fire. With this book, you will become an expert at constellations as you basically become a veteran camp counselor just by having this along with you on your next camping adventure.


Campfire Story Starters

Will on your family camping trip, instead of hogging the limelight by telling campfire story after campfire story, let the kids get involved as well. You can even tell a few knock knock jokes along the way! These story starters will provide a good beginning just in case the kids are struggling with creating a tale from nothing. To add a bit more fun to it, play hot potato with the story. Simply have everyone around the campfire tell part of the story for 30 seconds before it is passed on to the person sitting next to them. This will give everyone a chance to take the stage.

camping games - play laser tag while camping

Laser Tag

One of our favorite camping games is laser tag! Laser tag has come a long way in the last decade or two. In fact, you can now get this set of four laser tag vests and guns to take with you anywhere. These would be exciting to use during your next camping trip. What better place to play laser tag than in the wilderness? It is best to set parameters though so you don’t have a laser tag course that stretches out for miles. Set the course by tieing a bunch of rope or caution tape around the perimeter so the kids have to stay within a certain section. GlowCity has just about any lights you will need to play this game! You can even pick a color for each team!

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