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Best Football Food for Your Game Day Watch Party

If you’re a football fan, you’ve likely been waiting all year to see who’s battling it out during the Big Game in February. Even if you’re not a big football fan, the food and memorable commercials are enough to get you to attend watch parties. And now that we’re allowed to have more people in a household, it’s time to plan a watch party! Fortunately, we have a list of some of the best football food that will be perfect for game day!

Best Football Food for the Big Game Watch Party

From football party classics to more unique fare, Grubhub has got your game day food covered. Grubhub makes party food easy to order so that you have time to stay home and prepare for your game day guests!

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Every Kind of Fry 

You’ve heard of charcuterie boards, but have you heard of the french fry variety board? Order all the fries from your favorite restaurants and then assemble them on a charcuterie board complete with dipping sauces! Everyone will love this take on the appetizer, and you can even rank your favorite fry from curly fries, waffle fries, and classic french fries.


Who doesn’t love cheeseburgers? They’re the go-to handheld meal everyone wants to see, so why not deliver? Or, have them delivered, that is. There are many cheeseburger options on Grubhub, and you’ll find something for everyone. Display a whole bunch on a tray surrounding your french fries and you’ve got a whole game day meal ready to eat!

Chicken Wings

No football party is complete without a row full of delicious chicken wings! Buffalo Wild Wings delivered by Grubhub has many flavors that will make all of your guest’s mouths water. Get buffalo wings, barbeque wings, or even cauliflower wings for those who aren’t eating meat!

Pizza and More

There are many things that were created to feed a large group, and pizza tops them all! Pizza is also one of the most universal food choices for everyone, which makes it easier for you as the host. Get large pizzas with neutral toppings, or even pizza rolls, and other pizza-flavored hand food!

Fried Appetizers 

You will almost always find fried foods on the menu at any game day party, and the reason is clear: fried foods are delicious! The best option is to have fried appetizers that are easy to hold and dip. BJ’s Restaraunt & Brewhouse has tasty mozzarella sticks that are perfectly paired with marinara sauce. You will love their seasoning, and the batter is just right!

Additionally, if you have an air fryer (or just like to fry things yourself) try making fried bottle caps or fried pickles!

Chips and Dip 

Out of everything on this list, chips and dip have to be the most iconic of all watch party foods. The reason is that chips and dip are as American as you can get, and they’re easy to keep stocked, too.

The dip options are also diverse with sour cream & onion dip, seven-layer dip, and salsa being the top dip options. Or, you can go the rich and simple route of tortilla chips with queso. For some recipes, all you need is some Velveeta and pico de gallo and you’re all set! For more of a flare, whip up a large batch of guacamole, but make sure you have various heat levels in case some people can’t handle it hot.

Chili or Frito Pie

Because the biggest game of the year falls in the winter, it makes sense to have warmer, cozier food choices. That’s where chili comes in. This meaty, saucy dish is just another offering that will go perfectly with everything else you’re having delivered. Want to spruce it up some more? Have Frito chips, sour cream, and cheese delivered to your door to add as toppings for the quintessential Frito Pie!


You can’t leave out dessert from the list of best football food. It might come last, but it’s never far from anyone’s mind, even as they eye the buffet of finger foods. We like cupcakes because most cupcake places are already gearing up for the Big Game by making sport-inspired cupcakes! They’re also easy to eat because they’re hand-held and not as messy as some other dessert types.

Cookies Galore

Cookies are the easiest dessert to buy in bulk, and if you’re hosting a lot of people you’ll want them in large quantities for sure! You can also get a lot more variety when it comes to having cookies delivered. There are many places that specialize in gourmet cookies, and you can usually find good prices for them!

More for Your Game Day Party 

Creating a delicious spread of the best football food for your watch party doesn’t have to be that hard. With the help of your friends at Grubhub, the only thing you’ll be stressing out about is the final score of your favorite football team!

Want to keep the kids occupied but also interested in the game? Share these fun facts about live sporting events with them to help pique their interest in watching sports with you!

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