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If you’re relocating to a new state, then check out one of the best job websites for finding employment. We understand that starting from scratch in a new location can be difficult. Some people may worry that they’ll have to take a pay cut or lower position just to get hired.

Best Job Websites for Moving out of State

Thankfully, there are several websites that make it easy for out-of-state movers to find work. Below we’ve listed the top most helpful options for you!


best job websites

If you’re moving to a new state, ZipRecruiter should be the first place you check out for jobs. Not only do they have millions of listings, but they also make it easy to search for new locations. Their easy-to-use search tool and seamless 1-click apply feature allows you to apply for jobs in minutes.


best job websites

Indeed is one of the largest job board sites on the internet today. Similar to other sites, you can filter search results by location, salary, or employment type. They also have company reviews left by current and past employees. This way, you can research the company ahead of time before applying for the new role.


best job websites

LinkedIn isn’t just a professional social network platform – it’s also one of the best job websites! You can search for available positions throughout the country and directly connect with recruiters or employees.

Why ZipRecruiter is the Best for Moving Out of State

best job websites

Although there are several sites for new jobs, we believe ZipRecruiter is the winner for those moving out of state. With robust search features, you can find your dream role regardless of where you’re located. Filter listings or search for positions that fit your exact needs (and without jeopardizing your income level or job aspirations.)

Speaking of income level, ZipRecruiter also gives you access to real salary data for different states and cities. If you’re not sure how much you should get paid, then this tool can be useful for salary negotiation. Simply type in your job title and location to view the average salary amount (you can even compare this to the national average).

They also have a highly rated mobile app that allows you to look for jobs on the go. You can even set up notifications to be emailed every time a new listing is posted. That way, you’ll never miss out on a new position.

Tips for Out of State Moving

best job websites

Update Your Resume

It’s crucial that you update your resume to reflect your new location. If you don’t have a new address, you can still mention that you’ll be relocating. Consider writing “Relocating to {city, state} in {month, year} in place of an address.

Reach Out to Your Network

Use LinkedIn or Facebook to inform your connections about your move. You never know if someone in your network might know of future employment opportunities!

Prepare for a Different Interview Schedule

If you’re located in a different state, it can be tricky to interview in person. Some companies may require that you travel for the interview. However, other employers may be more flexible and allow you to interview virtually. Here are a few professional business attire outfits to consider when interviewing online through Zoom.

Have a Relocation Plan

Make sure you have a solid relocation plan when interviewing with a company. Employers might not want to take a risk on someone who isn’t currently living in the area. You can appear more confident by explaining your detailed moving plan and when you’ll be able to start working. Feel free to also add this relocation information to your cover letter.

More Job Ideas

Relocating to a new city is a very exciting time. And securing a job beforehand with the best job websites can make this transition even easier. ZipRecruiter is an excellent resource for moving out of state. You can check salaries, check out new companies, and apply for open jobs. The right job is waiting for you – no matter where you’re located in the world!

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