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Get Your Backyard Party Ready with These Deals

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Backyard party season is just around the corner. Whether you’re planning a cozy BBQ with family or a large outdoor celebration with friends, summer is the perfect time for partying. However, throwing a great party means stocking up on backyard summer essentials. If you want to host the perfect backyard summer party, then here are a few must-have products to get.

6 Products to Get Your Backyard Party Ready

Right now, Sam’s Club has some great deals to help you get your backyard party ready. If you join, you can get 50% off your Sam’s Club membership (for a limited time)! That drops the price down to $25, which means huge savings on backyard summer supplies!

Portable Rotating Gas Pizza Oven

Sam’s Club

Now you can make trattoria-quality stone-baked pizza at home with the Portable Rotating Gas Pizza Oven. It’s a fully insulated oven that has a rotating pizza stone on the inside to cook your pizza to perfection. That way, you’ll get the fluffiest and crispiest crust that makes gourmet pizza so delectable. All you have to do is hook up the oven to a propane tank and preheat for 25 minutes.

Because it reaches temperatures of 900˚F, your pies will be hot and bubbly in just 60 seconds! As an added bonus, the oven also comes with a pizza peel and a pizza cutter. Trust us – with this oven, you won’t ever need to order delivery ever again!

Giant Oyster Shell Lounge

shell lounge - backyard party
Sam’s Club

No pool party would be complete without a few fun inflatables! And this Giant Oyster Shell Lounge is the perfect whimsical pool toy that everyone will be fighting over. The oyster is essentially a spacious lounge chair made from durable PVC materials. With a capacity to support up to 400 pounds, the lounge can accommodate two full-grown adults.

And you can’t have an oyster without a pearl! This giant oyster has it’s very own glittery pearl beach ball that is perfect for playtime. In fact, you might need two oyster shell lounges so everyone can play a game of ball in the pool!

Triple Splash Kids Inflatable Water Park

backyard party - inflatable play park
Sam’s Club

With the Triple Splash Kids Inflatable Water Park, you can turn your backyard into a wet and wild water park! As one of the coolest backyard party accessories, this 22-foot tall inflatable toy can entertain up to nine kids at a time.

To start, there’s the triple climbing wall, which has padded handles and footrests for safety. Those who are brave enough to make it to the top will then get to race down one of the three slides. Each slide is different (one has a water sprayer, one has a wall of water, and one has a dump bucket). And finally, the pool at the bottom is perfect for a grand splash finale!

Set up and take down is a breeze for parents. It comes with a blower that can set up the entire water park in under two minutes. Because of this, it’s one of those backyard games that kids and parents will both love!

Stainless Steel 4-Piece Modular Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchen - backyard party
Sam’s Club

The Stainless Steel 4-Piece Modular Outdoor Kitchen is a must-have for all aspiring backyard summer chefs. It comes with four main components that allow you to whip up practically every type of dish you can imagine.

First of all, there is a full BBQ grill with a rear rotisserie burner and a warmer rack. Perfect for easy BBQ dinner ideas like burgers, steaks, or even roasted chicken! Then, you have the full-size pizza oven. It comes with a cordierite stone that will give your pies that fluffy, crispy, restaurant-style crust.

The kitchen also has a sink so you don’t have to keep running in and out of the house to clean up. And the final piece of the kitchen is a 3-drawer cabinet and prep area, although all the units have under cabinetry for extra storage.

Tropical Inflatable Pool

inflatable pool - backyardparty
Sam’s Club

If you don’t have a pool or hot tub in your backyard, don’t worry! With this Tropical Inflatable Pool, you can enjoy a warm summer day in style. When inflated, this tropical pool is 5.5 feet in diameter, which is large enough for multiple adults or kids.

Unlike other styles of inflatable pools, this one has a unique 3-ring design for support. So, even if your little ones are getting a little too rough during playtime, the pool will still keep its shape and structure. When the party is over, all you have to do is remove the drainage plug to empty the water.

Cafe Collection Chairs and Table

2pack chairs - backyard party
Sam’s Club

Finding the right type of furniture for your backyard summer party can be tricky. If you’re looking for sturdy, water-resistant options, then go for this cafe-style table and chair set.

backyard party - table
Sam’s Club

The table features a 31.5″ diameter top made out of solid metal (so it’ll last for years). It also has a spot for an umbrella, which is nice if you live somewhere particularly hot and sunny. The coordinating chairs come as a set of two. But since the table can seat four people, we recommend getting an equal number of chairs to match.

The Cafe Collection can be ordered in three different colors to match your summer party aesthetic. You can go neutral with black or opt for something more lively, like teal or red, for a pop of color.

With these amazing deals from Sam’s Club, you can throw the backyard party everyone will be talking about all summer. Sign up now and get a Sam’s Club membership for $25 a year (that’s 50% off!). But for even more savings, you can also sign up to become a Plus member for just $70! You’ll get Sam’s Cash, free shipping, free curbside pickup, and early shopping deals on top of everything else. But act fast, these deals are only for a limited time!

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