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Summer BBQ Dinner Ideas for Backyard Eating

Juicy steaks, mouthwatering burgers, crispy beef brisket – the best summer BBQ dinner ideas are endless! If you’re hosting a BBQ for friends and family, then coming up with a crowd-pleasing menu is crucial. Thankfully, there are so many delicious things you can whip up to serve at your party.

With Omaha Steaks, cooking summer meals on the grill has never been easier. They have an incredible selection of meats, fish, and sides perfect for a backyard BBQ or party. Here are some of our favorite summer BBQ dinner ideas that you can do all on the grill.

Weber grills are a great addition to any summer BBQ setup. Their high-quality construction and user-friendly design make them a popular choice for backyard cooking. Plus, with options for gas, charcoal, or electric grilling, there’s a Weber model to suit every chef’s preference. Whether you’re grilling up a classic burger or experimenting with new recipes, a Weber grill will help you elevate your outdoor dining experience.

8 Summer BBQ Dinner Ideas

  1. Premium Pork BBQ Pack
  2. Smoked Brisket Burnt Ends
  3. Ribeye Steak
  4. Burger and Franks Pack
  5. Summer Grill Pack
  6. Wild Alaskan Skin On Salmon
  7. Lobster Tail Skewers
  8. Side Dishes

Premium Pork BBQ Pack

summer meals on the grill
Omaha Steaks – premium pork BBQ

Upgrade your backyard BBQ to a culinary masterpiece with this gourmet BBQ pack. It comes with a marbled coppa pork roast, baby back ribs,  a sirloin cap roast, and even a whole roasted chicken. Pair them with a smokey applewood rub and a finger-licking BBQ sauce (both included) for even more flavor.

Smoked Brisket Burnt Ends

summer meals on the grill
Omaha Steaks – smoked brisket tips

Everyone usually fights over the crispy, caramelized ends of the steak. But with this smoked brisket burnt ends pack, everyone can get a sampling of this delicious, meaty goodness. They’re double smoked and then smothered in a sweet BBQ sauce. It’s perfect as a snack, main meal, or side!


Ribeye Steak

summer bbq dinner ideas
Omaha Steaks – grass-fed ribeye

If you’re craving a big, juicy steak, then the ribeye is the way to go. Although they’re still bursting with flavor, these marbled boneless steaks are lean and extra-trimmed. They even contain 5x the amount of Omega 3 oils and Vitamin A compared to other traditional cuts. This package comes with eight steaks (share them with friends and family or keep them all for yourself!)

Burger and Franks Pack

summer bbq dinner ideas
Omaha Steaks – jumbo franks

No BBQ is complete with a good ole fashioned burger and hot dog. But don’t settle for frozen patties and cheap franks. Instead, order this BBQ pack which comes with Omaha Steakburgers and gourmet pork and beef dogs! They come vacuum-sealed and ready to cook for instant summer meals on the grill.

Summer Grill Pack

summer bbq dinner ideas
Omaha Steaks – Deluxe summer grill out

If you’re throwing a party, this summer grill pack has something for each and every one of your guests. It comes with an assortment of the finest meat cuts. You’ll get top sirloin steaks, boneless pork chops, chick breasts, and burgers! And for dessert, pass around the included buttery caramel apple tartlets for people to share. You can also make your own dessert using four simple ingredients you have at home.

Wild Alaskan Skin On Salmon

summer bbq dinner ideas
Omaha Steaks – Alaskan skin on salmon

Looking for summer BBQ dinner ideas that don’t involve meat? Omaha Steaks also had a wide selection of fresh fish and seafood. Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon tastes great on the grill. Plus, they come with the skin, so it locks in more juices and flavor while being BBQed. Pair it with a creamy lemon dill tartar sauce for a delicious (and healthy) meal!

Lobster Tail Skewers

summer bbq dinner ideas
Omaha Steaks – lobster tail skewers

Let’s face it – lobster is delicious no matter which way you cook it. But these pre-skewered lobster tails are especially tasty when they’re fired on the grill. They come split and basted in lemon garlic butter, so you can simply toss them on the BBQ when you’re ready!

Side Dishes

summer bbq dinner ideas
Omaha Steaks – stuffed baked potatoes

When cooking summer meals on the grill, you can’t forget a few delicious side dishes! For example, potatoes go very well with all cuts of meat. Try stuffed baked potatoes, smashed red potatoes, or even whipped sweet potatoes!

A side of greens is also good to have on the table. A bowl of Brussel sprouts and bacon is the perfect smokey complement to your BBQ mains. Or stick with a classic green bean casserole. We also love broccoli and cauliflower gratin for a satisfying side that’s tasty enough to be eaten on its own!

More Grilling Resources 

Deciding on summer BBQ dinner ideas is only one step to hosting a great grill party. You’ll always want to make sure you’re prepared with the best BBQ grilling accessories. And don’t forget about the grill itself! We love Magma Crossover Grills for its versatility in cooking anything you want.

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