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How You Can Learn to Cook Online with Sur La Table

Cooking is arguably the most useful skill that anyone can learn. There are tons of recipes just waiting to be made, but if you’re lacking in the skillset to be a home chef, you might need to learn some of the basics, or next level tips. If you’re looking for an easy way to learn to cook online, Sur La Table is a great place to start. We’ll be taking a look at some of the courses they offer, and how they can help you become a better home chef. And this is all from the comfort behind your computer!

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What Is Sur La Table?

Sur La Table is a retail company that sells high-quality kitchenware, cookware, cutlery and more. They have a robust line of cooking gadgets and supplied destined to help you become a better chef. They also offer cooking classes, both in-house and online. With the ease of access of cooking classes online, it’s never been easier to learn to cook!

How Do Their Online Cooking Classes Work?

These online cooking classes are not like your normal cooking tutorials you find on YouTube. Sur La Table’s virtual classes have instructors who host the class. During this they will teach you gourmet dishes and techniques. The best part it is live, so you can ask questions along the way and interact with the instructor!

Sur La Table will provide you with a prep packet and a shopping list beforehand. This makes it easy to shop beforehand and have everything you might need to follow along. The best part is, at the end of the class, you’ll have a delicious meal to eat!

Classes are between 90-120 minutes, and are done through a Zoom session.

What Level of Expertise Do I Need to Be?

Sur La Table’s cooking classes online range from beginner to expert level courses. So there’s something for everyone looking to add to their repertoire. They also cover all different types of cuisines and dishes, so you can choose for whatever you’re craving.

What Kind of Classes Are Offered? Which Are the Best?

As mentioned, they offer a range of classes from expertise to type of cuisine. These are just a few of the online classes that we’ve enjoyed:

1. Thanksgiving Classes


In preparation for the foodie holiday, learn how to make delicious Thanksgiving meals! Ranging from a “mini Thanksgiving” with pan-roasted chicken and gravy with a savory mushroom and gruyere bread pudding, to a Thanksgiving potato sides class with mashed potatoes and a potato, gruyere, and thyme gratin.

2. Cook With Confidence

Bring your cooking game to the next level with a bit more challenging desserts. Learn a delicious classic carrot cake recipe to serve for the holidays. Or try your luck at making a rose-shaped apple tart to display at a Christmas get-together.

3. Global Flavors

Learning to cook different cuisines is the first step in diversifying yourself as a chef. Sur La Table hosts a range of different cooking classes online that focuses on specific global cuisines. From Thai fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce to French-style pan-roasted chicken with tarragon cream sauce. There’s a type of class for every one of your favorite flavors!


Sur La Table Cooking Classes – Thai TakeOut Online

How Much Does an Online Cooking Class Cost? Is It Only for Me?

Cooking classes online through Sur La Table start at just $29. The classes start at ages 14+ (paying adult must accompany ages 17 and under). The best part of the class is the cost covers per household, not per person! So you can make a fun activity out of it by cooking with the whole family! Or make it a romantic date night and share a cooking class together!

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It seems that learning to cook has never been easier with these cooking classes online. All from the comfort of your home, you can learn a variety of recipes and courses from expert teachers. All you need is the ingredients listed in your prep-packet, cooking utensils, and a kitchen! If you’ve been yearning to improve your chef skills, there’s no better time than with Sur La Table!

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