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If you’re considering hiring now for your business, you’ll need to know where to start. Whether you’re a small business owner or in a recruiting role for your company, where you put your recruiting efforts is key. And it’s no secret that in the modern age, using online platforms to recruit for a business is essential. With massive reach and a huge pot of potential candidates, you need to have an online source for your recruitments.

So to help break down where you should be hiring now, we’ve compiled a few key recruiting platforms you should be using. These work for both small business owners, and those in recruiting roles. These also work for any company size, and for any hiring needs.

Hiring Now? The Best Recruiting Platforms

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1. ZipRecruiter

If you’ve had your own job search recently, or if you’ve been looking into hiring, ZipRecruiter should sound familiar. The world’s leading job posting platform, ZipRecruiter has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses fill their hiring need and has assisted millions of job seekers with finding a perfect fit for their careers.

What makes ZipRecruiter stand out is its expansive reach and its simplicity and accessibility. For recruiters, ZipRecruiter makes it convenient and easy to find candidates, post engaging job ads, store data and information on job seekers, and spread the word about your company openings. You can find amazing features while using ZipRecruiter, such as:

  • Database of more than 36 million resumes.
  • AI technology proactively reaches out to candidates with matching experience.
  • Convenient and simple to use dashboard.

So for these reasons, we always recommend ZipRecruiter if you’re hiring now. They have a variety of plans for hiring needs, and even have free trial access to see if you like the platform.

2. LinkedIn

Most professionals are familiar with LinkedIn. The leading social media for business and careers, LinkedIn is essential for growing your business’ brand and reach. But it’s also extremely under-utilized by recruiters and businesses as a tool for hiring needs and efforts, especially if you’re hiring now.

With direct access to a large network of professionals, LinkedIn gives you the ability to promote your open positions to any of your connections, as well as their connections and so on. You also have more opportunities to showcase your company and its values to potential job seekers. You can link to a company profile and share company successes, overall goals, and employee experiences.

And with LinkedIn Jobs, you can even go the extra mile to work with the platform on getting added exposure to your job postings. We do recommend using LinkedIn as more of a social media outlet and keeping your pure job recruiting efforts with ZipRecruiter. But using both in tandem can only benefit your recruiting efforts.

Need help with posting a job to ZipRecruiter? Take a look at our guide!

3. Google for Jobs

In the modern age of the internet, Google is often the source for building your company’s brand awareness. As the world’s largest search engine, Google is the perfect type of resource to showcase your company and its open positions. And with Google, you can be doing this all for free. If you can master how Google’s search technology truly works, you are at a big advantage over your competition.

But the downside of Google is this: it takes a lot of work. Because everything works through Google’s search engine, this means you’ll need to have a company website. This website must also be formatted according to Google’s system and algorithm. This takes a lot of time and resources, which not every business owner or recruiter has. So Google for Jobs is something that caters a little better to bigger companies with more resources, or a company working to keep hiring costs extremely low.

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Find New Hires Faster

If you’re hiring now, you may need a platform that can give you solutions as soon as possible. That’s why we again think ZipRecruiter is you and your company’s best bet.