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Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It is a chance to see family and friends and enjoy a four day weekend as you give thanks. But it is not all good news. This approaching holiday can bring with it a bit of a dread as you realize that soon you will have to start thinking about cooking that Thanksgiving Turkey as well. The possibility of working away in the kitchen for hours is not something that most look forward to. That’s why so many people look to go somewhere else for Thanksgiving. However, someone has to step up and hold it at their place.

Everyone loves to eat turkey as it will disappear off plates quickly, but the thought of preparing it and checking on it in the oven frequently is not that much fun. But it does not have to be this complicated. Simplifying your life is something more people should look into, and simplifying your Thanksgiving turkey dinner is something that everyone should consider. It isn’t considered cutting corners when great food is still being presented.

Bring on the Instant Pot!

If you have never tried a meal that was made by using an instant pot, then you are greatly missing it. These things can cook just about anything you can think of. Chicken, chili, soup, fish, stew, yogurt, and yes… turkey. And not only does it cook food perfectly, but you can just set it and forget it. There is no need to continually check on the food as it is cooking. A couple of hours later the food comes out delicious and ready to eat. It couldn’t be much more simple than this!

The Perfect Turkey Recipe to Use with an Instant Pot

The very first thing you have to do is find the perfect turkey. Some people prefer a fresh one that has not been frozen yet, while others will have picked out their turkey weeks in advance and placed it in their freezer. Once you have located this amazing bird, wash it down and pat it dry. This recipe is for a six or seven-pound turkey, so adjust everything accordingly if you go much bigger than that.



The next step is to make the rub for the bird. The rub is another name for seasoning the turkey and seems to be used by chefs, so while in Rome…  Mix together one teaspoon of parsley, one teaspoon of rosemary, one teaspoon of sage, one teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of black pepper, and one teaspoon of thyme. You can adjust the amount of these ingredients if needed to suit your family’s tastes better, but why mess with perfection. Simply give the turkey a good massage with the rub you have created and let it soak in some of the flavors.


Place the turkey into the instant pot and pour chicken broth over top of it. You will probably want to add a cup or two. It will give it added flavor and you will be able to turn it into a gravy afterward if you would like. Some people insist on gravy while others feel strange pouring liquid on their food. Someone should really do a psychological study on how these two groups of people differ in life.

Depending on your instant pot, you may have a poultry setting on it. If it doesn’t, just put it on the manual setting. In any case, your Thanksgiving turkey should be ready in about 45 minutes if it is a six or seven-pound turkey. It will take a bit longer if you are cooking up a bigger bird. To give the turkey a golden brown appearance to it, place it on the broil setting for about ten minutes after it is done cooking.

Then here is the magic of the instant pot: You are going to take that chicken broth and make it straight into gravy. Simply put it on the saute setting and add two tablespoons of butter to it. After the butter is thoroughly melted, add half a cup of flour to it to give it the desired thickness you want for your gravy.

Your gravy is ready to be serve right next to your Thanksgiving Turkey!

Amaze Your Family and Friends

Here is the best part of it all. Your family and friends do not have to know that you didn’t spend hours cooking this Thanksgiving turkey. Keep it on the down low so all of them can owe you later on. “Remember when I cooked our Thanksgiving dinner for hours? Yes. I would like you to treat me to dinner and a movie tonight.” And then they have to because you fed them Thanksgiving dinner.

Or you can always just do this out of the goodness of your heart. But it is often a good thing to have people owing you a favor. Next time you have a flat tire and want it changed or need a ride home, it would be the perfect time to call in this Thanksgiving favor.