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Have you ever thought about how great it would be to get a brand new vehicle just for being a good person? It’s difficult to imagine the world working this way, since it normally doesn’t. But did you know that with Omaze, you can actually be rewarded with a car sweepstakes just by being charitable?

Win a Tesla Model X Car Sweepstakes by Giving to Charity

By now your mind is working through the possibilities. How is this possible? Is it for real? Is Omaze legit? We have the answers right here!

What is Omaze?

is omaze legit

Omaze is a fundraising organization that uses big rewards—like car sweepstakes—to encourage people to donate to important charities. While we know that you might want to give out of the goodness of your own heart, winning something nice isn’t a bad incentive!

Through this innovative fundraising technique, Omaze is able to raise nearly ten times more than other types of fundraising efforts! So, not only is Omaze legit, but it’s also highly effective and helps everyone involved get something out of charity (other than that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you help others).

What is the Fine Print? 

is omaze legit

While there may be skepticism with an organization giving out free cars, there’s nothing that should concern entrants. Omaze believes in transparency, and their About Us page fully breaks down their funding expenses and percentages.

You can visit Omaze.com for a full breakdown of their percentages vs. costs, practices, and charitable organization reviews. Additionally, you can even view their 2021 impact report to see what some of their top charitable receivers have been given through this amazing program!

How Do I Win a Tesla Model X Plaid? 

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Winning a Tesla Model X Plaid from Omaze is about as simple as can be. When you go to Omaze.com, you’ll find there are several areas in which you can put your name for a donation and possible sweepstakes—including a chance to win cars, celebrity encounters, and even world travel. While payments and donations aren’t necessary to enter or win these prizes, being able to give money to those who need it is admirable!

Once you find the Tesla Model X Plaid, read the rules, conditions, and information about that particular experience. Then, scroll to the bottom to find out who will receive your donation.

Pay close attention, because this is the important part:

You could easily apply for this sweepstakes without donating money, as we suggested above. However, the incentive is that the more you donate, the more entries you get! For example:

  • $10 = 20 entries
  • $25 = 125 entries
  • $100 = 1,200 entries

The more you give, the more of a chance you get of winning a Tesla Model X Plaid!

The Charities 

Here are the two charities set to receive your generous donations:

501CTHREE from Jaden Smith 

car sweepstakes

Jaden Smith’s nonprofit organization 501CTHREE is dedicated to providing clean, sustainable water sources to those who need them. Through his nonprofit, Jaden Smith finds ways to give back, bottling water in greener ways while still helping others have access to clean, drinkable water!


car sweepstakes

GivePower is an organization that’s dedicated to providing solar power to communities in need. These solar farms help provide sustainable access to clean water around the world where it’s the most scarce.

Enter to Win Today!

Now that you know what your Omaze car sweepstakes entry will give others, what are you waiting for? Put your name in the drawing to win a Tesla Model X Plaid, and help give clean water to those who are in need of it most!

You can also find many other amazing sweepstake opportunities with Omaze, so check their website often for new and exciting offers to give and win in return!