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Best Products to Put on a Baby Registry 2024

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 It’s never too early to start adding baby products to your baby registry 2024 list. Preparing for the arrival of your new bundle can feel overwhelming – there are just so many products and gadgets out there! Between all the things for feeding, sleeping, changing, and bathing, it can be hard to know where to start.

To help put you at ease, we’ve put together a list of 11 products that all new parents should have.

The 11 Best Products to Put on Your Baby Registry 2024 List

The SNOObear


Soothing your baby helps put them to sleep and keeps them feeling happy and peaceful! The SNOObear from Happiest Baby combines several different calming features into one adorable and cuddly toy! The one we received is created from soft, baby-safe material and has easy-to-use controls. It emits white noise and even listens for your baby’s cries for the next 3 hours! If it detects crying, it will play the white noise once again. Plus, it comes with a strap for easy portability!

RockaRoo Baby Rocker

rockaRoo® baby rocker - baby registry 2024


This high-tech baby rocker is one of those must-have items all parents should put on their baby registry 2024 list. All you have to do is turn it on and it’ll create a soothing front-to-back motion that all babies love. It even has a little built-in toy mobile to keep them occupied until they’re rocked to sleep!

Infant Optics Digital Video Monitor DXR-8 Pro

Infant Optics Digital Video Monitor DXR-8 Pro, 1 of 14 - baby registry 2024

The Infant Optics Digital Video Monitor DXR-8 Pro is one of the most advanced baby monitors available for parents. It has a large 5-inch screen so you can keep tabs on everything happening across the hall (it has a range of 1,000 feet). Video quality is sharp (you can see breathing movements and whether their eyes are open), even without the digital zoom. And it has a patent-pending active noise reduction feature, which filters our static noise like fans and humidifiers. Other notable features include two-way talk, interchangeable lenses, and sound-activated LED lighting.

Snuggle Me Infant Lounger

Snuggle Me Infant Lounger, Alternate, color, Sparrow - baby registry 2024

Why settle for a basic blanket when your little one can enjoy the comfort of this portable lounger? It’s designed to cradle your child, giving them a calming hugging sensation as if they were being held. It’s perfect for newborns (up to 9 months) and great for travel or for home use!

Cleanwater Tub

baby bathtub side view - baby registry 2024

Bath time is a special bonding experience for both parent and child. The Cleanwater Tub takes the pain out of washing, so you can focus on enjoying the time together. The unique design has a reservoir that holds fresh water while allowing the dirty water to flow out of the side. There’s also a digital thermometer so you can ensure that your little one is comfortable at all times. Ideal for newborns, infants, and older babies (6 months and older).

Little Peanut Hooded Bath Towel

Baby 3pk Little Peanut Hooded Bath Towel - Cloud Island™ Mint Green, 1 of 3

Once bath time is over, you’ll want to wrap your baby in one of these ultra-soft hooded bath towels. Made from 80% cotton and 20% recycled polyester, they’re warm and moisture-wicking at the same time. This set comes with a pack of three, so you won’t have to wait until laundry day to use them.

BABY BREZZA Bottle Washer Pro

Baby Brezza Bottle Washer Pro - White. - baby registry 2024

This 3-in-1 bottle washer takes the pain out of bottle or formula feeding! Not only does this machine clean bottles and pump parts, but it also sterilizes and dries them too. And with 20 high-pressure jets, it kills 99.9% of germs with natural steam and air. Plus, it’s great for the environment, as it uses 50% less water than if you were to wash them by hand. It only works with certain detergent tablets, so make sure to add those to your registry, too.

Baby Brezza Bottle Washer Pro Detergent Tablets - 120.

Solly Baby Modal Baby Wrap

Solly Baby Tencel<sup>®</sup> Modal Baby Wrap, Main, color, Orion - baby registry 2024

Traditional baby carriers can be heavy and bulky, but not the Solly Baby Modal Baby Wrap. Made from silky-soft Tencel modal, the wrap provides a snug, custom fit that’s comfortable for both you and your baby. It’s designed for babies up to 25 pounds, which should carry you until roughly the 9-month mark.

Medela Hands-Free Electric Breast Pump

Medela Hands-Free Electric Breast Pump, 1 of 11 - baby registry 2024

Everyone knows that new moms don’t want to waste their free time pumping. This is why a hands-free electric breast pump is a great item to add to your registry. The wearable cups are lightweight and can be comfortably worn under their nursing bra. That way, moms can multitask and go about their day as they normally would! You can even connect it to Medela app to track your pumping and milk storage – which is a very nifty tool to have!

Pacifier Box

Babylist Pacifier Box (7 Pacifiers + Pacifier Clip). - baby registry 2024

Getting your newborn to take a pacifier can be a complicated task, especially if you don’t know which one they’ll like! Most parents will need to try a few different styles and brands before they find one that works. In this Pacifier Box, you’ll get 7 different pacifiers from the top baby brands on the market. Once you find one they like, then you can stock up on them to make sure you’re never caught without their favorite soother.

Cybex High Chair and Snack Tray

CYBEX Lemo 2 Highchair, Baby Seat & Snack Tray 3-in-1 Set, Main, color, Stunning Black - baby registry 2024

The Cybex High Chair and Snack Tray isn’t just for babies. Nicknamed the “Forever Chair” this versatile system can be used throughout their entire life – even as an adult! For infants, the high chair has a baby set with a harness and anti-tip wheels. As they grow, the table height and seating can be adjusted for a larger and more comfortable fit. And the footrest and table parts can be removed altogether, so you can use it like a regular chair.

Becoming a new parent is a huge milestone. And we know how stressful it can be to shop for all the new products you need. However, putting together your baby registry 2024 list can give you the peace of mind to help you focus on what truly matters. The arrival of your baby! There may be lots of other things to figure out (like getting a family car or sending them off to preschool). But trust us – this is an exciting new chapter that brings immense joy into your life. So enjoy the memories as they come and congratulations on your new addition!

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