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The 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Neighbors 

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When it comes to gift giving, neighbors can be a challenge. You’re not alone if the prospect is causing you stress. The good news is you don’t need to panic! We’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas gifts for neighbors out there. So, all you need to do is pick one from the list and feel proud of yourself. Read on to find the perfect gifts for all your closest neighbors. 

8 Best Christmas Gifts for Neighbors 

1. Gifts for Your Neighbors

Neighborhoods are great places to build community, but it’s hard to buy something everything will love. But who doesn’t love a good meal? That’s why Omaha Steaks is the perfect gift to give.

With their Custom Gift Package, you’ll have the opportunity to choose between 14 different options, including expert cut filet mignons or New York strips, bacon-wrapped pork chops or boneless chicken breasts, and sirloin or brisket burgers. Then, select either Kielbasa sausages or gourmet jumbo franks and stuffed baked potatoes or scalloped potatoes.

Finish the meal off with either chocolate molten lava cake or New York cheesecake. This package is perfect for both a surprise for your neighbors or as a Christmas barbecue treat!

You can also have a look at for delicious holiday gift baskets. These Gift Baskets are filled with chocolates, nuts, savory snacks, orchard fruit & more!

2. A Sentimental Cutting Board 

Neighbor Gift for Neighbors Friends Christmas Gift Ideas image 1
Neighbor Moving Gift Personalized Cutting Board –

A cutting board is always a useful gift and one that often lasts the test of time, especially if it’s made out of wood. These beautiful cutting boards say “neighbors by chance, friends by choice”, and are available in 38 different styles, so you can find one that will best suit them.

3. Christmas Holiday Themed Gnomes

Gnomes are a traditional holiday décor piece that folks love to collect. If you know someone in your neighborhood who is a big fan of these, then this can be a great gifting opportunity. Our pick for holiday gnomes are the Christmas House Holiday Themed Gnomes at Dollar Tree. The best part of this gift idea is that Dollar Tree offers purchasing in large quantities for a better price. This means you can gift this to multiple neighbors and spread cheer this year!

4. Custom Home Portrait 

Moving Away Gift, Custom Home Portrait,Neighbor Moving Gift, Portrait from Photo Gift for Friend Housewarming Gift House Portrait Custom Portrait Gift for Neighbour gift for moving Family portrait Custom House Sketch last minute gift
Neighbor Moving Gift –

If your neighbors have a beautiful home, why not capture it in a custom portrait? These custom house portraits are extremely affordable and adorable! While any neighbor will be excited to have their home captured this way, it’s especially good for new neighbors and those thinking or getting ready to move out of the neighborhood. Note that this is just the digital file, so you’ll need to factor in printing costs, but that also means you have full control over how the final portrait is presented. 

5. Gift Baskets and Boxes

Deluxe Antipasto Assortment with Wine
Gift baskets and box – Harry & David

This gift includes everything you need to serve a beautiful antipasto spread. Gourmet foods such as sliced artisan salami and cheese, gourmet crackers and crisps, and roasted vegetables are paired with three Harry & David wines—Pinot Noir, Ross Land Red blend, and Chardonnay—all made from Oregon grapes.

Cheryl’s cookie delivery makes the best cookie gifts to send to family & friends. Send cookies, brownies & gourmet desserts from Cheryl’s, for any occasion!

6. Coolest Neighbors Doormat 

Funny Neighbour Doormat Voted Coolest Neighbours Custom image 1
Funny Neighbor Doormat –

This Coolest Neighbors Doormat makes sure anyone turning up on their doorstep knows how the neighborhood feels about them! This is a practical, sweet, and light-hearted gift that’s ideal for neighbors you know well as well as the ones you’re just getting to know. 

7. Awesome Neighbors Soap 

Awesome Neighbors Soap Welcome gift Gift for Neighbors image 1
Awesome Neighbors Soap! –

Soap is always welcome, and this Awesome Neighbors bar that “smells like shared sugar and freshly mowed grass” is a cute treat that makes a great addition to gift baskets. Alternatively, this brand has other cute soaps such as “soap for Buffalo Bills fans” and “Soap for Home Renovators” which are good options if you want to give them a package of soaps instead. 

8. Hot Air Balloon Bird Nester and Feeder 

Hot Air Balloon Bird Nester & Feeder
Hot Air Balloon Bird Nester & Feeder –

A backyard without songbirds is a strangely eery place to be, so gift your neighbor this beautiful balloon bird nester and feeder to encourage the birds into their garden. Unlike other bird feeders, this is bright and looks more like art than a birdhouse! If you like the idea of a birdhouse but want to go for something a little smaller and more subtle, this Tiki Bird Hut is adorable!

9. Hug in a Box

Hug in a Box Self Care Gift Spa Gift Box Pamper Gift For Her image 1
Hug in a Box Self Care Gift Spa – 

If you’ve got a neighbor who loves self-care, a Hug in a Box self-care kit will be much appreciated by everyone in the household! If you’re looking for something a little more masculine in scent, this Men’s Self-Care Kit is ideal.  

10. Personalized Knife 

Gift for Husband Personalized Gift Engraved Pocket Knive image 1
Engraved Pocket Knife –

Whether you live near a handyman (or woman!) who always has a knife on their belt or you know your neighbors love to get out into the great outdoors, a personalized knife will always go down well. This knife is one of our favorite Christmas gift ideas for neighbors because you don’t need to know a huge amount about them to make a gift that will stick with them for years. 

Give the Gifts Everyone Loves

Finding awesome Christmas gifts for neighbors doesn’t have to be hard! Just pick a gift from our list of Christmas gift ideas for neighbors and you’ll knock this year’s Christmas gift out of the park. 

Looking for gifts for everyone else on your list? We can help there too – see our other lists: Best Gifts for Nature Lovers, Christmas Gift Guide for the Wife, and Best Food Gifts for more. 

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