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If you’re ready to get cozy with one of the best upcoming movies 2020 can offer, look no further. Below, we’ve gathered some of our favorite flicks that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home on your favorite streaming device. Check out which streaming device suits your needs the most! Oh, if you are looking for some quality audio to enhance your movie nights, we have an article on the best sound bars as well!

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10 Upcoming Movies to Watch


Are you interested in some international intrigue? In which case, Parasite is one of the best upcoming movies 2020 can offer you and is offered on Hulu! Watch this twisted modern fairytale about greed and class discrimination play out in this super gripping movie. The film broke records at this year’s Oscars by sweeping out the best picture category. You’ll love watching this one of a kind movie that’s well-balanced with romance, thrills, and plenty of social commentary.

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This coming of age film follows two graduating seniors wreaking havoc during their final graduation night. However, it comes from a unique perspective from two academic overachievers, not your typical party crashers. For something a bit more silly and lighthearted, this is an excellent pick. You’ll find yourself transported back to all the heightened feelings that high school and adolescence naturally bring out.

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True stories, anyone? I, Tonya follows the true story of controversial figure skating champion Tonya Harding. However, this is not your typical stuffy documentary. The story is engaging enough on its own, and its unique perspective will keep you hooked throughout the entire film. Tonya Harding became the first American woman to complete the complicated triple axel during competition but everything falls flat when her abusive ex-husband plans to deliberately injure a major competitor.

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Say Anything

Ready for an 80’s classic? This film may be a bit older, but it’s definitely still one of the best movies 2020 can offer. Enjoy watching the lighthearted tale of a love-struck optimist win over the heart of the daughter of an overly possessive man. By the end of this classic film, you’ll truly believe that love can in fact, conquer all.

A Dog’s Way Home

Upcoming Movies 2020, A Dog's Way Home

Want something to watch with your furry friend? This super cute movie can be streamedwith everyone in the family. Watch as the family dog Bella makes an epic 400-mile trek home to her family for a lighthearted, sweet reunion that will make you fill cozy just from watching it. This film is based off a book by W. Bruce Cameron, that you and your kids can read together before enjoying the film.


Upcoming Movies 2020, Joker

If you haven’t seen the Joker yet, you’re certainly missing out on one of the greatest upcoming movies 2020 gives with its unique take on a classic villain. If your kids are old enough to enjoy this flick with you, you’ll be left rethinking how they’ve felt about all those classic superhero villains. This is a refreshing take on superhero movies that you’re sure to love.

The Invisible Man

Upcoming Movies 2020, Invisible Man

The Invisible Man is one of the new upcoming movies 2020 has brought us that is ideal if you’re in the mood for a modern twist on a horror classic. You’ll love following along with all of the psychological twists and turns. This movie truly keeps you guessing to the very end. This horror thriller of abuse and relationships is great for any slightly spooky movie night. With Amazon cinema, you can watch this newly released flick from the comfort of your living room couch.

Blow The Man Down

Upcoming Movies 2020, Blow the Man Down

If you’re more into independent cinema, Blow The Man Down is truly one of the best upcoming movies 2020 can give. The movie follows two sisters’ cover up of a gruesome crime, but for seemingly justified reasons. With beautiful cinematography and a cliff-hanger ending that will bother you in the best way, you’ll fully enjoy this Tribecca-film festival featured film.


Upcoming Movies 2020, Onward

Looking for a family-friendly flick? If so, Onward is certainly one of the best upcoming movies 2020 has to offer. From the comfort of your family room, enjoy going on a journey with Elf brothers Ian and Barley as they go on an exciting adventure. Your kids will love this premium movie from home with Amazon’s Cinema features.

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