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Celebrating holidays with your kids is undoubtedly one of the best parts of being a parent. However, your kids won’t be so sure after you pull some of these April Fool’s food pranks. Try out any of these simple pranks to bring a smile to your entire family on the goofiest of days.

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10 Hilarious April Fool’s Food Pranks

1. Minty Oreos

April fools food pranks. Minty Oreos

This is one of the most classic April Fool’s food pranks, but it still works year after year. Find an all-white toothpaste and carefully remove the cream of milk’s favorite cookie. Squeeze just enough toothpaste into the Oreo cookies so that it looks believable when pressed together. Leave the irresistible updated Oreos out on a plate for your next victim.


2. Fill Toothpaste with Mustard

If you’ve been affected by the classic Minty Oreo April Fool’s food pranks, consider this your vengeance. Carefully squeeze out the toothpaste from a new bottle and squeeze in mustard for a hilarious surprise later on.

3. Wrap Grapes in Chocolate Wrappers

Have some Easter chocolate on your hand? Set aside the chocolate Cadbury eggs for yourself to complete one of the funniest April Fool’s food pranks. Carefully unwrap your chocolate, keeping the foil wrapping as intact as possible. Take grapes and re-wrap them and give them to your chocolate lover of choice. You can also wrap baby carrots in a Tootsie Roll wrapper for a crunchy, nutritious surprise.

4. Chocolate Covered Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts are probably every kid’s worst nightmare, which is what makes this one of the best April Fool’s food pranks. Simply wrap a brussel sprout in chocolate of your choice and place it in the fridge to cool. Once hardened, offer the “truffle” to your unsuspecting friend or family member.

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5. Placebo Box

The best part of pranks is playing on perception. Use a placebo donut box and fill it up with vegetables or any other food of your choosing. This prank is pretty harmless, but still gives you the April Fool’s fix you need. Best of all, you get to eat all the donuts yourself in preparation for this prank.

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6. Way Too Orange Juice

April fools food pranks. Orange Juice

Does anyone thrive off of a daily glass of orange juice? Mix Mac and Cheese powder with a gallon of water for a hilarious April Fool’s Food prank they won’t forget. You can’t do much with cheesy water, but this prank is pretty harmless and will cost you less than a dollar for a priceless reaction.

7. Undrinkable Jello

If you’re looking for a prank that your kids will still be able to indulge in, try making the undrinkable punch. Essentially, make Cherry Jello, but in a traditional drinking glass. As the Jello is hardening, insert in some straws to add to the effect. Once your kids realize they can’t drink the “punch” they’ll have a great time eating the Jello with a spoon.

8. Broccoli Lollipops

Broccoli can be pretty repulsive when paired with chocolate. Buy a stock of broccoli and cut it into small pieces. Add the small stalks to lollipop sticks and cover with chocolate, hard candy coating, or a lollipop wrapper. Watch your kids have the surprise of a lifetime when they realize their sweet treat isn’t exactly how it seems. You can also do this with other small round vegetables like sprouts, or you can use grapes.


9. Mix Hard Candies Together

April fools food pranks. Candy

If you’ve never felt the pain of disorganized candy, consider yourself lucky. This prank is simple, cheap, and is one of the best April Fool’s day food pranks for its diabolical intentions. Mix M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces, and Skittles all in the same bowl. They all look extremely similar— When your victim reaches for a handful of candies they will taste an overwhelming amount of unexpected flavors.

10. Caramel “Apples”

April fools food pranks. Caramel Apple

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it still remains widely effective. Find small onions, put them on a stick, and cover them in caramel. Give them as caramel apples and watch as your victim gets an unexpected surprise. They’ll likely realize that they are not really apples pretty quickly, but it’s still a silly situation.

Overall, April Fool’s day is a great day to show off your silly side to your kids. They’ll love these hilarious pranks all in good fun and you’ll enjoy a day of laughs together with any of these 10 April Fool’s food pranks.

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