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10 Important Tips for Employers Looking for Employees

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Are you spending hours looking for potential candidates and still coming up empty-handed? Then take a peek at our top 10 tips for employers looking for employees.

If you’re one of the many employers looking for employees, then you know the struggle of hiring qualified candidates. You could easily spend hours writing job descriptions, sorting through resumes, and interviewing potential applicants only to realize that nobody is the right fit for the role. However, don’t worry too much because there are some tricks and tips that all recruiters should know while searching for future employees.

10 Tips for Employers Looking for Employees

1. Use a reliable job posting site

If you want to hire a new employee online, then it’s important to use a reliable and trustworthy job posting site – like ZipRecruiter. Once you post a listing on ZipRecruiter, it is automatically shared with over 100 other job sites as well. Plus, ZipRecruiter’s intuitive candidate matching technology allows you to connect with professionals that meet the exact criteria you’re looking for. You can read more about them and other recruiting websites for employers here.

2. Keep up to date with your resumes

As a recruiter, it’s easy to let the resumes and cover letters pile up over time. However, setting aside an hour or two each day to review potential candidates is crucial. If you wait until the last minute, you might not devote enough time to each resume and could potentially miss out on someone who would be the perfect fit for your company.

3. List every single detail in the job posting

While it does take effort and patience, writing a thorough job description is vital in finding good candidates. In addition to the experience requirements, employees also want to know the salary, benefits, work schedule, responsibilities, and hiring timeline. By providing this information upfront, you’ll save both you and your employee lots of time in the long run.

4. Ask current employees for referrals

Ideal for new job seekers and experienced professionals, Indeed is considered by many to be the biggest and best recruitment site online. Besides having a fully filterable job board, they also have tons of great resources for those just starting out in their career. Take a look at their Career Advice page for information on going for interviews, asking for promotions, expanding your skillset, and thousands of more topics.

5. Look on social media

Social media is a great alternative to traditional job posting sites. There are hundreds of Facebook groups and meetup channels for professional networkers and job seekers. You can join these groups to post your own role or search through potential candidates who are interested in work. You can also post an opening directly with Facebook through their job search platform.

6. Reach out to past candidates

Experienced employers looking for employees know not to toss candidate resumes after the position has been filled. That’s because you never know what other roles your company might have open in the future. Keep all those cover letters and resumes from past applicants, and feel free to reach out if there’s a new role that might fit their experience. This is also a good reason to work with platforms such as ZipRecruiter, where the database of your candidates will be saved for you to access.

7. Consider university job fairs

If you have a position you need to be filled, then consider reaching out to nearby universities and college graduates. Campuses generally host multiple job fairs throughout the year, where you can set up a booth and meet with applicants face to face. While you won’t find employees with a lot of experience, you will find eager talent for internship, part-time, or entry-level work.

8. Flaunt your benefits and value

While it’s important to list requirements and expectations in your job posting, don’t forget to highlight the benefits of working in your company to potential candidates. Talk about company culture, share a few photos of social events, or simply outline what employees can expect day to day when working for your business. Be detailed when listing all the amazing benefits you can offer potential employees!

9. Network, network, network

Whether you’re scouring profiles on LinkedIn or attending in-person meetups in the city, networking is one of the most influential tools to help employers looking for employees. You never know who is passively looking for a better opportunity or who will want to apply to your company in the future.

10. Don’t forget about your own website

One of the biggest mistakes recruiters can make is not updating their own company website with open job opportunities. Make sure that all positions and requirements are up to date, as this could deter potential employees who stumble organically across your site.

No one said recruiting was easy – although these simple tips can help you take the next steps to find the best candidates for your company. For more information about hiring employees, check out our article on the best free job posting sites for recruiters.

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