Reduce Waste and be eco-friendly by using a reusable water bottle instead of plastic and help the enviroment

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Earth Day is almost here! On Monday, April 22nd, the world celebrates this holiday to raise awareness for environmental protection. Rather than just be another holiday on the calendar that you let pass without any action, take the steps to incorporate the spirit of Earth Day all year long with these ten ways to reduce plastic waste and become more eco-friendly!

81pyJEQpQJL._SL1500_Reduce Waste and be eco-friendly by using a reusable water bottle

Just Say No to Plastic Bottles

There are billions of plastic bottles produced every year. Hundreds of billions. That number is just too hard to actually fathom for most of us. And shamefully only about 20 percent of those bottles get recycled. It can take a thousand years for that plastic bottle to decompose on its own and even then all the chemicals get leaked into the ground.

Those plastic bottles that litter the roads you drive on to get to work each day will be there long after you, your children, and your grandchildren have passed unless someone does something about it. If you would still like to drink filtered water every day, do so through a stainless steel water bottle that you can use now until the end of time.

Reduce Waste and be eco-friendly by using metal straws instead of plastic

Plastic Straws Are Just as Bad

We all use straws. If we eat out, there is a very good chance you will have a straw provided to you with your drink. We don’t need these plastic straws hurting the environment. Invest in these stainless steel straws that will last forever instead.

Reduce Waste and be eco-friendly by using reusable plates and bowls

Get Rid of Your Paper Plates

I was the ultimate bachelor and lived off of paper plates for years and years. They are convenient as being a single guy, I didn’t want to spend any time washing dishes. However, the amount of money I spent on paper plates was probably pretty obscene after a few years. Plus, tossing them into the garbage was dooming our planet, so there is that as well. Invest a little bit of money in these manly dishes instead and you will impress your guests so much that soon you will not even be a bachelor anymore!

If You Are into Golf, Buy Recycled Golf Balls

Golf balls hurt the environment when they are discarded. Left to decompose on their own, they can take up to 1,000 years before they finally disintegrate completely. If you are a golfer, support the environment by using recycled golf balls and convince others to do so as well. They are just as good as new ones and will not hurt your golf game in the least! Enjoy not only playing sports outdoors but also watching it on TV. Here are a few things you should know about sports live on TV.

Reduce Waste and be eco-friendly by seperating glass, plastic, paper and cans

Separate Your Recycling Waste

Most people see a recycling bin and just throw whatever material they are using at the moment in there. They think they are helping the environment, and maybe to a degree they are, but they can go a step further by separating glass, cans, plastic, and paper especially when you’re host a huge party!

Recycled Paper Towels

Paper towels are handy for just about everything. But do yourself and the family a favor and purchase recycled paper towels. These are less than a dollar a roll and you are saving the environment.

Reduce Waste and be eco-friendly byusing reusable eco friendly bags for groceries

Avoid the Plastic Bags at the Store

I know it is convenient to carry home your groceries in plastic bags. But do you really need to? It seems they give you a bag for every item you buy. All this is doing is hurting our environment further. And I don’t blame you for not liking paper bags. They tear easily and are harder to carry. For this reason, go with these stylish sumi eco bags and never use plastic bags again when buying those delicious vegetables we know you love so much! 

Recycled Pens

Even though almost everything is done electronically nowadays, there is still a need for writing utensils. These recycled pens are made from collected plastic bottles. Not only are they cool looking, but you should feel good about yourself as you use them.

Reduce Waste and be eco-friendly by using toilet paper and planting trees

Recycled Toilet Paper (Ummmmm?)

If anyone ever asked me if I wanted to try out some recycled toilet paper I would probably get sick to my stomach. However, this is not what you think. This company plants three trees for every tree that they use to create their toilet paper. They are putting more back into the environment than they are taking out.

Purchase Second-Hand Furniture

Some of the best deals I ever got in life were at flea markets. I’ve purchased second-hand furniture that was so far out of date that they were back in style. Instead of buying new for everything in life, see what you can do with older things. A bit of refurbishing gives you bragging rights to your friends as well!