Omaha Steaks - easy dinner ideas for two

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Whether you’re starting to think about Valentine’s Day or are simply looking for Date Night ideas to spoil your loved one (and yourself!), you’re in the right place. There’s no faster way to someone’s heart than through their stomach, and serving dinner at home is both easier and more intimate than eating out. Don’t panic if you’re not a master chef, either; Omaha Steaks makes date night a gourmet event. Read on for our very best easy dinner ideas for two. 

5 Easy Dinner Ideas for Two 

1. Date Night Box with Free Dessert 

 Butcher's Cut Filet Mignons - easy dinner ideas for two

If you’re looking for the easiest option, this Date Night Box will give you absolutely everything you need to have a date night feast. This date box is ideal for serving multiple courses, putting some food aside for leftovers, or having a double date with another couple to share the deliciousness. This box comes with 4 filet mignons, 2 servings of green beans in butter sauce, 4 stuffed baked potatoes, 4 garlic baguettes, and a free strawberry heart cheesecake – what more could you ask for? 

2. Filet Mignon Surf & Turf

Butcher's Cut Filet Mignons - 4 (5 oz.) steaks - easy dinner ideas for two

Is there anything more impressive than serving lobster tail as a side or starter for your date night meal? This filet mignon surf and turf is one of the best date night meal ideas for two because it covers all your bases – 4 filet mignons, 4 split lobster tail skewers, 4 scalloped potatoes, 4 baguettes with garlic butter, and 4 caramel apple tartlets. By the end of this meal, you and your date will be fully satisfied. 

3. Bacon-Wrapped Ribeyes 

Bacon-Wrapped Butcher's Cut Ribeyes - easy dinner ideas for two

Moving away from filet mignon (just a little!), bacon-wrapped ribeye offers an incredible twist on a time-tested favorite. With the same buttery and tender flavor and texture as a filet mignon, the smoky, sugar-cured bacon takes the ribeye to a whole new world of flavor. Since we’re talking easy dinner ideas for two, why not pair them with potatoes au gratin and green beans in a butter sauce, followed by cannoli cake? If you want to start with an entree, give their lobster bisque a try. You won’t regret it! 

4. Burgers for Two 

PureGround™ New York Strip Burgers - easy dinner ideas for two

Would your date choose burgers over steaks? If so, these PureGround™ New York Strip Burgers will give them an experience they’ve never had before. These burgers are made from 30-day aged strip loins with an 88/12 lean-to-fat ratio, meaning that it’s healthy as well as delicious! All you need to do is grab your buns and your favorite toppings and make a night of it. 

Better still, for a limited time, you can get 4 extra burgers with your order. Find more details on this below! 

5. Seafood for Lovers 

Marinated Salmon Fillets - easy dinner ideas for two

If you love seafood, their Seafood Lover’s Sampler will supply you with everything you need to bring your date night dinner ideas for two to life. With so much packed into this sampler, you can easily stretch this sampler into two or three date nights. Serve the split lobster tail skewers as an entree, then indulge in the wild Alaskan cod filets or the Faroe Islands salmon filets for your main. On another night, serve the filets you didn’t serve after feasting on shrimp. Delicious! 

Omaha Steaks Has Date Night Sorted 

This is just a tiny sample of the great date night dinner ideas for two you can create with the delicious food offered at Omaha Steaks. If you didn’t see something here that hits the right spot, just browse their site and you’ll find something that does. Be warned, though. You can’t shop there without making your mouth water! 

As promised above, we’ve got good news for you. Now, for a limited time, you can get 4 extra burgers and free shipping on orders over $139, making already-great Omaha Steaks dishes even more savory! 

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