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We hope you’ve had a good meal recently, as this article is about to get your mouth watering! There’s no safer gift to give a loved one than food. Everyone loves it, we’re always happy to receive it, and it’s easy to gift to someone even when you aren’t able to be there in person! This is thanks to all the great delivery services, like the Omaha Steaks store.

One of the absolute best places to buy gifts for the carnivore in your life is the Omaha Steaks store. They’ve got everything from some of the best quality steaks available in the country to indulgent desserts and gift baskets. 

Today, we’re going to guide you through our favorite Omaha Steaks gifts so you can simply order and let your loved one enjoy. 

What to Get From the Omaha Steaks Store: 5 Best Omaha Steaks Gifts 

1. Classic Favorites 

Classic Favorites - Omaha Steaks store
Classic Favorites –

We’ll start with their Classic Favorites because it’s full of all the best things the Omaha Steaks store has to offer. This package contains 4 5oz butcher’s cut filet mignons, 4 6oz boneless pork chops, and 4 6oz filet mignon burgers. In addition, it includes 4 3oz gourmet jumbo franks, 4 servings of potatoes au gratin, 4 caramel apple tartlets, and a jar of Omaha Steaks seasoning. With all that on offer, you’re certainly going to make sure your loved one is well-fed! 

2. Ultimate Ribeye Grill Out 

Ultimate Ribeye Grill Out - Omaha Steaks store
Ultimate Ribeye Grill Out –

The Ultimate Ribeye Grill Out package is the perfect Omaha Steaks store gift for the person in your life who gets their grill out on every occasion. While everything in this package can be enjoyed in the kitchen, there’s no doubt that grill and smoker enthusiasts will love what they can do with it. 

With 4 10oz ribeyes, 8 6oz boneless pork chops, and 8 5oz boneless chicken breasts, this is the perfect package for people who love to eat. It also has 8 oz Omaha Steaks burgers, 4 servings of scalloped potatoes, 4 caramel apple tartlets, and a jar of Omaha Steaks seasoning. You’ve just got to hope they’ll invite you over to enjoy it! 

3. Lean & Meaty Favorites

Lean & Meaty Favorites - Omaha Steaks store
Lean & Meaty Favorites –

This is perfect for the family with kids who prefer white meat or for the fitness-conscious person in your life! The Lean & Meaty Favorites package will spoil them without spoiling their diet. It includes 4 6oz sirloin supremes, 8 5oz boneless chicken breasts, and 8 6oz boneless pork chops. Also, they’ll get 8 6oz Omaha Steaks burgers, 8 apple and gouda chicken sausages, and 2lbs of premium ground beef. It’s the perfect gift for even picky eaters. 

4. World Trip Collection 

World Trip Collection - Omaha Steaks store
World Trip Collection –

The World Trip Collection is a collection of 5 uncommon kinds of cheese from around the world. Plus, it has dried fruits and cracker thins, which are so essential for that after-meal cheese board. This collection is a great option if you’re searching for Omaha Steaks gifts you can give to your loved one on the same day without having to worry about anything spoiling. 

The cheeses include Brillat-Savarin from France, Gruyere Rolf Beeler from Switzerland, Ubriaco Di Raboso from Italy, and more. This is the perfect gift for someone who loves cheese, as it gives them an opportunity to try cheeses they may not normally have access to. 

5. Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate Lovers - Omaha Steaks store
Chocolate Lovers –

There’s no one on the planet who doesn’t enjoy being gifted their body weight in chocolate. That’s what this Chocolate Lovers package will feel like! Actually, this package is better than that, because each chocolate included is luxurious and offers a different flavor profile. 

It includes dark chocolate sea salt caramels, coconut toffee macadamias, and a dark chocolate salted almond chocolate bar, amongst others. If you’re not sure if someone will enjoy any of the other options on this list, this is a fall-back option that will never disappoint. 

Get More from Omaha Steaks

This list is just a handful of the Omaha Steaks gifts on offer, so if you feel like any aren’t quite right for your loved one, they’ll have the perfect gift in their store. We’ve got another post with 5 Omaha Steaks Gifts for Dad, but they’re honestly perfect for any meat-lover. So, head over to the Omaha Steaks store for more!