Looking for employees

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If you’re looking for employees for your company, check out the following tips on reaching as many potential applicants as possible! 

Finding the right candidate for your company can be difficult, especially if you’ve spent weeks reaching out to and looking for employees. Although there are millions of applicants actively looking for jobs, it’s essential that you also take specific measures to put your company out there in order to attract the right employees. If you’re looking for employees online, then consider the following ways to help you find the right person for the job.

Helpful Places When Looking for Employees

1. Job Boards

One of the easiest and most common ways to find potential applicants is by posting a position on a job board. Many of these search engine sites are accessed by millions of job seekers a day, so it’s a great first step for seeing if there are any candidates that fit your open role. 

ZipRecruiter is one of the best tools for recruiters who are looking for employees. Once you have an open position, you can list it with ZipRecruiter, who will then post it on their website and send it to hundreds of other sites for maximum visibility. You’ll then be matched with qualified candidates that you can personally invite to apply for your role.

If you’re interested in learning more about their services, check out our complete ZipRecruiter review.

2. Social Media

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has a social media account in one form or another, which is why this is a great way to tap into an entire network for potential job seekers. If your company has its own Facebook or Instagram profile page, you can post open positions directly through those channels in order to attract people who are already interested in and following your company.

Another option is to join Facebook groups or forums explicitly targeted at job seekers. These groups are filled with people looking for work, and you can reach out to them by posting your open positions directly in their group. It’s important to outline your preferred criteria beforehand, or else you might end up with hundreds of spam messages and emails from people who aren’t qualified.

3. University Career Centers

Whether you have an open entry-level position or a full-time internship opportunity, advertising your job with a university is a great way to attract fresh, young minds to your workforce. Most schools have a recruiting platform that allows employers to post job positions that students might find interesting. However, you don’t necessarily have to have an entry level role to fill in order to advertise at a university. Many of these sites are also used by alumni, so you should feel free to post any open positions you may have.

4. Your Company Webpage

You’d be surprised to know how many companies don’t advertise their open positions on their very own website! This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to attract potential applicants looking for jobs. When someone is interested in working with your company, they’ll usually head straight for the company website to see if there are any open roles or information on hiring procedures. So, if you don’t have a page dedicated to looking for employees, you might be missing out on a huge opportunity for top talent.

Most company websites will have a dedicated page just for this information. You can either post the individual roles with their requirements or, at the very least, have an email address for your recruiting department so they can inquire about future roles. 

Most companies need to utilize multiple different outlets and resources when looking for employees. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to find new applicants is to search online using job sites, social media, and even professional networking platforms, our personal favorite combination is ZipRecruiter, Company Website and Social Media. And don’t forget to update your own website with open positions, too! For more information on how to attract applicants, check out our guide on how to advertise your job posting.