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The Best Steak and Seafood Pairings for Date Night

Is there anything more romantic than candlelit dinners with steak and seafood pairings? If you’re trying to impress your loved ones, then consider surprising them with a dinner date. Omaha Steaks has steak and seafood dinner packages that you can whip up from the comfort of your home. And best of all, they are delivered straight to your door!

8 Steak and Seafood Pairings for Dinner

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or looking to treat your sweetheart, dinner is guaranteed to be a memorable event. Here are the best steak and seafood packages that you can purchase online for your dinner. Why choose between land and sea when you can have both?

Butcher’s Exquisite Dinner

steak and seafood pairings
Butcher’s Exquisit – Omaha Steaks

This package contains everything you need for the perfect dinner at home. To start, you’ll get a succulent 2lb cut Chateaubriand and 4 lobster tail skewers. It also comes with two side dishes (hash browns and green beans), butter sauce, and a spice rub. And to finish off dinner, you’ll also get creamy caramel custards served in individual ramekins. 

Mega Comfort Meals Sampler

steak and seafood pairings
Comfort Meals Sampler – Omaha Steaks

If you prefer fish over shellfish, then the Mega Comfort Meals Sampler is a great dinner option. It comes with pub-style cod instead of the traditional lobster or shrimp dishes. However, it also includes many other options for meat lovers. In addition to the beef pot roast, you’ll also get Bolognese lasagna, beef shepherd’s pie, Italian chicken fingers, and chicken fried steak. Talk about a gourmet home-cooked meal!

The Steakhouse at Your House

steak and seafood pairings
The Steakhouse at Your House – Omaha Steaks

Why head downtown to an expensive steakhouse when you can have a gourmet dinner at home? The Steakhouse at Your House is a surf and turf lover’s delight. In addition to the butcher’s cut top sirloins, you’ll also get wild-caught Atlantic lobster tails. This package also comes with hash browns, green beans, and caramel apple tartlets for dessert.

Ultimate Home-Gating Assortment

steak and seafood pairings
Ultimate Home-Gating Assortment – Omaha Steaks

A romantic dinner doesn’t have to be a fancy dinner. You can still indulge in a delicious meal and still have it be fun and casual! The Ultimate Home-Gating Assortment is an ideal package for a weeknight dinner. It comes with brisket burgers, chicken wings, and filet mignon polish sausages. And for the seafood side, you’ll get jumbo shrimp and mini lobster grilled cheeses. Plus, it includes a tangy and sweet cocktail sauce for dipping.

Filet & Maine Lobster Duo

steak and seafood pairings
Filet & Maine Lobster Duo – Omaha Steaks

You can’t go wrong with traditional surf and turf for your steak and seafood pairing. The Filet & Maine Lobster Duo doesn’t come with extra sides or desserts, but it does include two of Omaha Steak’s best-selling dishes. You’ll get 4 30-day aged cuts of filet mignon and 4 wild-caught lobster tails from Maine. This is a great option if you have certain sauces or garnishes you want to use in your cooking.

Deluxe Ribeye Surf & Turf

steak and seafood pairings
Deluxe Ribeye Surf & Turf – Omaha Steaks

For those who prefer an all-inclusive meal, the Deluxe Ribeye Surf & Turf was created just for you. It includes marbled ribeye steaks and shell-on wild Argentinian red shrimp for the main course. For your side dishes, this package also comes with creamy lobster mac and cheese and stuffed baked potatoes. And if you’re still craving something sweet – don’t worry. You’ll also get double chocolate bundt cakes to cap off your delicious dinner.

Premium Steakhouse Greats

steak and seafood pairings
Premium Steakhouse Greats – Omaha Steaks

While it’s not the most affordable package on this list, this package includes the best selection of entrees and sides. Premium Steakhouse Greats comes with ribeye crown steaks, boneless New York strips, and top sirloins. To top that off, you’ll also get jumbo-cooked Black Tiger shrimp. Included with your purchase is the cocktail sauce and the iconic private reserve rub as special gifts.

Don’t see a package you like?

steak and seafood pairing
Wild Alaskan Skin-On Sockeye Salmon – Omaha Steaks

The best thing about Omaha steaks is that many of their meals are customizable. If you don’t see a steak and seafood package that you like, then consider designing your own. You can choose from a variety of different meat and seafood options to make your own steak and seafood pairings. Just don’t forget the sides and a dessert!

More Date Night Ideas

You can read our full Omaha Steak review to see why they have the best selection of meats. But don’t take our word for it. Try Omaha Steaks for yourself and taste the quality in every bite!

Spoiling your loved one to a home-cooked dinner is a romantic way to show you care. While steak and seafood pairings are guaranteed to impress, there are other ways to show your love to your sweetheart. Perhaps you want to buy them a piece of jewelry or treat them to a couple’s massage? You also can’t go wrong with planning a romantic getaway to their favorite destination.

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