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“How do you want your eggs?” How many times have you been asked this question at a restaurant and had no idea what to reply? “What’s the way where it’s fried but the yolk is still runny?” “Aren’t sunny side up and over easy the same thing?”

Eggs really tie breakfast meals together. They’re great for a lot of reasons: inexpensive, easy to prepare, cooks quickly, and offer a solid source of protein. They’re also extremely versatile and can be prepared and cooked in many different ways.

So, how do you answer the next time a server asks how you’d like your eggs? In this article I’m going to explain 5 different ways to make/cook eggs so that next time, you can answer this question with ease.

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1. Hard Boiled

Essentially, a hard boiled egg is cooked in its shell in boiling water. The “hard” refers to the consistency of the egg white and the yolk. Making a hard boiled egg is a piece of cake.

Fill a pot with enough water to cover your eggs by approximately two inches. Bring it to a boil and carefully drop in your eggs and leave them for 10-12 minutes. For easier peeling, place the eggs immediately in an ice water bath after boiling, then gently tap and roll them on a counter.

If you want to be precise on how runny or hard the inside yolk is then we recommend getting an egg cooker. It’s life changing!

Bonus: you can hard boil a bunch of eggs at the one time and refrigerate them for later. Eat them with a sprinkle of kosher salt, or chop into chucks for salad. Delicious!

2. “Perfect” Scrambled

5 Different ways to cook eggs - the perfect scrambled eggs

For super creamy soft scrambled eggs, or “perfect” scrambled as I like to call them, you can use the method we learned from Gordon Ramsay. Oh, you don’t know about it? Allow me to explain.

Crack your eggs into a pan over medium-high heat, along with one, thin slice of butter for each egg. Then start stirring with a spatula. Break the yolks, let them mix with the butter and whites. And keep stirring. If the pan gets too hot, lift it off the heat briefly. And keep stirring. Yeah, a lot of stirring. Do this for about 2-3 minutes, until the eggs start coming together. Right before you take them off the heat, add a dash of milk or sour cream. Stir that in, then ladle the eggs onto toast and sprinkle with herbs or salt and pepper.

The result = some of the creamiest, softest, scrambled eggs you’ve ever tasted. You’ll be blown away.

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3. Sunny Side Up

Sunny side up just means your egg yolk looks like a bright morning sun.

To make it, crack an egg directly into your greased fry pan. Then fry it until the edges turn brown, WITHOUT flipping. Flipping your sunny side-up egg will turn it into an over-easy egg. Big no-no. The yolk is runny, and depending on how long you fry it, the white is completely or partially set. We refer to these as runny or “dipping” eggs. The runny yolk is great for dipping toast into.

If you really want the “perfect” sunny side up egg, we recommend you opt for this egg cooker, it will ensure you get the perfect sunny side up egg. Bonus: you get to have the perfect shape for adding your egg to a sandwich or even a bagel!

4. Poached

Poaching your eggs is like boiling but without the shell. This means you’re avoiding any hard edges. The white is cooked through and the yolk is warm and runny. Just imagine it mixing with a bright hollandaise on an eggs Benedict. Ooh, that’s my kind of breakfast.

The methods for poaching vary. Restaurants looking to poach in bulk will often immerse ramekins with raw eggs into boiling water, sometimes a whole tray full at a time. If you’re just poaching at home, it’s actually much easier than you may think.

Here’s my method: I call it the Whirlpool. Heat your water just shy of a rolling point. Add a dash of vinegar (some recipes call for a 1/2 cup, but that’s often too much for me. I prefer my eggs not tasting as acetic acid thank you). Crack the egg into a tiny bowl. Swirl the water in your pan to create a ‘whirlpool’, then carefully drop the egg into the center. The swirling pulls whites altogether in the center. Leave it in the water for about five minutes, then lift it out with a slotted spoon. You’ll have yourself one tasty poached egg!

If you’re not up for the whirlpool method or have already tried that method and found it to be more difficult, then you will love this. These egg poachers are super easy to use and will make all the difference. Perfect poached egg, coming right up!

5. Over Easy

Eggs over easy and sunny side up are often used interchangeably, but they are different. Trust me. You go from sunny side up to over easy by simply flipping your egg when the edges are brown. The “easy” doesn’t refer to the simplicity of flipping an egg, but the state of your yolk. “Over easy” means the egg is flipped and cooked just long enough to make a film on the top of the yolk. When served, the yolk – and some of the whites – are still runny.

If you’re worried about this flipping part of this method, check out this double pan from Target that will surely make flipping and sunny side up egg to make it an over-easy egg, just simply EASY.

I hope you enjoyed my article on the different ways to order/cook eggs and try out these delicious egg methods in your own kitchen. Or just enjoy answering your server at a restaurant quick-smart with how you want your eggs.

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